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+notice: hiring mathletes

This industry - juking - has a lot of growth to look forward to. With lots to expect, there's a definite need for both technical talent to carry out the vision, as well as the athletic participants themselves.

With LSTv up-and-running (thanks, YouTube!), I'm not to need some stuff for viewers to watch. Namely, you playing in your preferred sport while decked out in UUe gear.

That said, LES is hiring mathletes (athletes who have a background with juking principles as they relate to the creation of new walks).

+Mathletics (draft 1)

The first (rough) draft of what I'm calling 'Mathletics' is now available (Archived).

Please keep in mind that this is just a draft, and there are to be future installments of this ideation until I'm satisfied.

'Mathletics' is a pre-cursor to Mathilda.

+recreational mathematics

Recreational mathematics is defined here as mathematics done with the purpose of calibrating and re-calibrating a string so as to exploit a reward function. (see also mathletics, The Egglepple Company, sport)

+mathletic scholarship

A mathletic scholarship is any award (typically in the form of financial aid) given by one party to another in an effort to highlight the potential of further scholarship the recipient (the mathlete) may share. (see also mathematics, compare athletic scholarship)

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