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+UUelcome gameshow casting call

This is a (first) casting call for UUelcome.

E-mail me at, use the hashtag: #gameshowcasting in the Subject line. Be sure to note in your body that you are inquiring about the gameshow. Please include a hyperlink to an page and/or a YouTube video with a specific mention (eg., a response to this call).

I'm looking for: lots of extras (actors) to portray audience members (more) and participants (less), digital set designers (versed in Sketchup, AutoCAD, programs like these, etc.), and an early-stage producer.

This will all happen this Summer in Missoula, MT, so be local.

+UUelcome .. back

Work has begun (but not yet production) on the upcoming new season of UUelcome.

I have to be really careful here in my wording because I've got some ideas floating around in my head that may take some time to materialize, but I want to share some things with you now.

From here on out, UUelcome will just be a multi-part cinematic; there won't be any more syndicated episodes (like those that took place years ago in the large lecture hall or at MCAT (for those of you who remember). It will be a 64-part demonstrative program showcasing the ludology of juking, more than anything else. Yes, there will still be contestants, but the environment will be more controlled in order to demo gameplay.

This will be a Summer/Fall project. Casting calls will be made in the second-half of the year.


Impresario: 🧑🏿lnq | © ISSN 2165-6738

UUelcome is the sequence of EGP.
/// +This one big string of code includes all fibor (fonts, MONEY, bubblegum), itself outputted as a cassette.
+Sequencing something necessarily means that it gets streamed, anyway, = the genesis of UUelcome being a gameshow.

(see UUe, quantumquotient [Egglepple battery], 🧑🏿lnq, Funshine/Toonlight (song), The Origamic Symphony🎶, 🧠brainbrane, UUhistlegrass, touch-and-go, Egglepple, everywhere!, cassette, Juke Lemma)
/// +(vocabulary) To a large respect, the word is a portmanteau of 'UUe' and the suffix '-ome' [totality of expressed dynamics, function, and structural material - in this case, Egglepple material]. If we think of it like in biological terms, then uuelcome has congruence to chromosome or genome. So, that's why I named it that way.🙂
+As part of broader machinery (ie. when packaged as a cassette), this is a kernel. In biological abstraction, UUelcome would be a cell nucleus or kernel.
+With the jukebox fully tuned (all fonts are classified), any mesh becomes stereotypable (ie. any polymer can be modeled and is printable). We then have a complete solution to QQ / image of Egglepple (🧩puzzle).👍

Trivia: Before I settled on the name 'UUelcome', I had contemplated calling it 'fun:musicbook'. My vision was that it was always going to be an album of some sort of music (in this case, mathemusic). The 'fun' bit had/has to do with the FUN Formula.

The jukebox runs an auction, but supplementing monetization of the proof (pure mathematics is darn near impossible to make money from without sponsorship) is the basic reason gamification exists here in the first place.

The actual stream itself succeeded an earlier attempt of mine in television production - a show called Egglepple: The Mathemagical World. This was me trying to be technical and lamely impress the academics of a small college town (resulting in me learning more than I actually output), and I never truly found my audience (note: that program aired on public access television, a narrowcast market).

Production-wise, I had been inspired by scenes from the 1989 film, The Wizard - especially the Super Mario Bros. 3 tournament showcase where the kids/contestants play the game for the very first time anywhere, even before consumers.

Historians note this as a huge moment in cinematic history, where a movie basically served as a longform commercial for a single product/event - the release of a video game🎮 (and the planted germ of e-sports). I present my 🧩puzzling (ctf🏁) in a similar fashion (ie., via demonstrative elements), thus leading me to view the whole world as a gameshow.

The main purpose for designing the stream as I have is so that there can exist an unintrusive way to get as many jukers ('people juking') as possible on the network, thereby creating the game engine for a distributed supercomputer (which aids in exploiting QQ).

My view of 💲money is somewhat skewed; I think a person should make it to the end of their life completely (or near completely) exhausted of energy (ie. money = energy). Since I don't actually sell anything, per se (the jukebox runs an auction on its native cryptocurrency), but serve as the house when it comes to transactions, giveaways as prizes along with other rewards, makes the nature of a gameshow the perfect fit.

It^ is a ctf* hashing& 🧑🏿lnq's walk.^^ This so-called 'jukebox recital' and the formulation of contemporary mathemusic are inventions of 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy.🤓 ** Featuring a bid-ask spread in a greedy auction where threads are maximized [flag = thread(max)] (ie. exhaustion of all 676 ports before a new cycle🔄 of the runtime). && abi threading Flags🏁 are identified as 0-bubbles. (see Juke Lemma, UUelcome License, opera ludo, krayon, 🧑🏿lnq's desiderata, Pink program, toonage, Funday, treble, vendor, merchant, Black and White, cybernetic governance, juke notation)
/// +For all intents and purposes, this is what I mean when I say that "I op(erate) a jukebox"; UUelcome is lnq's logic/instinct and signature.
+Technically, UUelcome is an opera ludo. When I stream it solitaire, it's a recital . When shared for playalong (orchestra), it aims to be a sport.

Function map: quantumquotientUUelcome (kernel) ⇔ 🧠brainbrane

+Egglepple, everywhere!℠

"Egglepple, everywhere!" (trademark) is the official slogan for UUelcome. This qualifies as fugue damping*^ (enharmonic playback) of the signal.** A second-order derivative of orchestration. ^^ commerce compliance := have the peach🍑 be able to transact any currency for debits ad hoc.
UUe /// We want to completely render (= print on-demand) the portfolio (🧩puzzle) in juke field, thereby interfacing with the portfolio from virtually anywhere (ie. mechanically openworld). Obviously this requires updates to some class of printer driver(s).
(see 🧑🏿lnq's desiderata, The Origamic Symphony🎶, u-u economics, UUe interface, Stewdio, j-surface, cybernetics, cybernetic governance, Pajamas)


A gameshow is a demonstrative program* about a game, or the ludology (ie. element gamification) of some game.** engine = framework including runtime + support that implements rapid call-and-response (ie. merchant.vendor hyperlinking).

Gameshows usually factor a reward function; where contestants earn or are given some sort of prize for advancing~ within the program.~~ Solving puzzles🧩. (see gameplay, opera ludo, UUelcome, mathletics, FUN formula, bug bounty)
/// My recital (the gameshow that I stream/host, and everybody's favorite😁) is called UUelcome.


From the standpoint of string logic-compliance, gameplay (ludological operation) is the dynamic of how loopstring functionality is streamed (ie. play-by-play) in 🧩puzzle-solving. The premise is that - in juke field - the two (2) ends of a string must meet each other🔒.

Gameplay educes proof [tax and signatures]; by playing games, we are training (via models of predictive analytics) some object to generate walks for use in fibor determination and their identities (where applicable).* ** Gameplay directive: "new walks .. more threads .. better spots .. bigger spreads." - 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy ///simplified: "more residue = more revenue"/// [see Black and White, 🎮🎹gameboard, UUelcome, UUelcome Matte, play, Pink program, carrot🥕]

Basically, all games transition through three (3) phases^: the 1) opening, 2) middlegame, and 3) endgame.movements
/// Jukers are encouraged to use the Stewdio for juking activity.
Function map: |taxcoverage| → signature

+impresario (host)

UUelcome-specific, the impresario's function is jukeboxing [== push-pull requests + cassette distro].
UUe /// This role officially belongs to 🧑🏿Link Egglepple Starbureiy.


A bid is some fret multiple/divisor (known as the price) that is placed (by a bidder [merchant or vendor]*) to leverage purchasing power within an auction.** buy-in with tokens. (see handicap, carrot🥕)
/// The multiples themselves cannot exceed the handicap amount of the ballet/string into which the bid is placed.

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