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+invest in mathemusic

+juke tax as universal basic income

There is considerable chatter about a universal basic income (ubi) both here in the United States and abroad. The argument is probably amplified in smaller economies, but there are some interesting points (from a financial perspective) that I'd like to discuss (and compare with the notion of compliance) in this article.

First of all, a waxed-over definition: the ubi is a bit of socialism, where some government distributes a fixed amount of money to persons (citizens) for a set period of time, regardless of their current economic status (ie. cash on-hand, employment, etc.). What is not known (only evaluated) by the government are the intentions and use cases of the resources by its recipients.

+promised principal

+expected budget

The expected budget of an enterprise is the amount of expenditures that would be necessary for a production not to exceed its targeted inflection point.

+price-per share

In financing, given a total amount of offered equity in some enterprise, shares (as equity) may be purchased and/or distributed at some set price that is agreed upon by at least two (2) parties. The would-be cost to enter into a contract between agents is known as the 'price-per share'.

+anticipated box office

The anticipated box office (abo) is the expected gross returns (an implied valuation) on all receipts from a venture at close🔒.

+common ¢ents

+Finance 102


One (1) dollar is the equivalent to one-hundred (100) ¢ents as a unit.

+cache-credit idempotence

cci (see also hypercurrency, hypocurrency, rotisserie, UUallet)


A bid is some fret multiple (known as the price) that is placed (by a bidder) to leverage purchasing power within an auction.


Per some given opus or its respective game, a multiplier is the cost of a token as a multiple of each session that that token affords.

For instance, using Lnq's bubblegum as an example, where we have a 6¢ fret, if one wanted ten (10) minutes* worth of tokens, that comes at a price of 6¢ × 10 = $0.60.1 token ≈ 1 minute

+ancillary exchange

+primary exchange

+secondary exchange


Banking' is a function of collecting active tokens that have been siphoned from workable deposits.

+MONEY algorithm

// make MONEY

begin juke
cap = yield
then your coupon collects a dividend(¢)😊
else { no fitness } improvise
or echo {juke again}😉

+¢ent formula


Bubblegum is the name given to (a preimage of) fibor that is not optimal* (ie. false vacua). It is/are (the class of) string combinations (yesegalo + groove/melody) whose fibril incompatibility necessitate optimization (restating of fugal themes). We define bubblegum to be our "dilated vector space having everywhere-vanishing blowup points with boundary", and can easily determine it from being 'that which shares no equivalence relation with some assigned twistor space (||inf > (u,u)=0|| OR ||sup < (u,u)=0||)'.Basically, not MONEY.

Bubblegum is used in ornamenting - as an improvisation method/tool to make MONEY - in hedging a given handicap [when bubblegum * (n) {n is finite number of pieces as ¢ents} = handicap, then MONEY = yes], and thus, changing the tempo. (see also lnq's bubblegum, compare protein quaternary structure)

Notes (+): +Bubblegum is probably caused from half-integer statistics.

+'Bubblegum' is a metaphorically cohesive polymer, used to 'patch' things up so that MONEY can be made.

Function map: bubblegumimproviseMONEY