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+cybernetic governance

Instigator: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy
Cybernetic governance (cygov) is compliance (courtesy of some automaton@) afforded by renormalization. @@ A jukebox, namely UUe.
/// +Keep in mind that cygov is simultaneously kinetic and ephemeral. The purpose of this auction is to induce entropy ('clock'⏱) via token sessions and timestamps.
+Any parimutuel system will relate dyads. What makes it technically cybernetic in this case is that the dyad [(a.) currency generation(b.) energy cost] is homologically conjoined endpoints comprising a feedback loop (ie. renewable source).

Governance is inherently insecure (ie. spreads are not uniformly covered -- tax coding is theoretically organic and morphometric), but can be eased quantitatively.

-Cygov posits that the optimal path to security🔐 is with decentralized (ie. unsupervised/automated discrete parameters of a high-dimensional sparsity) dyadically-idempotent products (ie. swap any and all currencies based against crypto&) which are backed by proof-of-work.&& In this case, ludeiy is the money supply. It is suggested that this be done via a utility where energy cost recovery is a recursive function of compliance [argument: all nodes benefit from excise* distribution].** The product/good is fibor. This is a cryptocurrent tax (ie. derivative revenue collected) in scenarios of regulatory convertibility.

"The only real money in the world is tax revenue." - 🧑🏿lnq

Cygov exploits a battery🔋 pack (ie. an integrated energy-scaling game engine that powers the following compute:= solve + run Q♯🎶) to develop/update civics^ on a brane, then juke that brane within a loop cycle.^^ forking via public/organic (ie. fair budget controlled by credit scoring ["reputation"] with promotion and relegation) call-and-response, as opposed to politics (ie. presumptuous)
/// +definition: government/governance = heat map-based payroll (ie. taxation applied to civic structures)
+The first order of operation is battery🔋 growth+maintenance (chemistry-current-conduction [cathode/anode]-compute-convert). ← Everything starts with/revolves around the battery (what powers the compute); crypto 'feeds' the battery.

"Game the world. Whoever adopts the tax wins the game."🎮🌍 - 🧑🏿lnq

I call this pic 'Walking on Mars', but it's really just me stepping through the Bison Range, MT. Peep the kicks.😶

Cygov theatrics (climbing the Kardashev scale) span validating✔ the formula of cryptocommodity. This is a playoff between fiat (government-issued) currencies and their 🧩crypto (proof-of-work) counterparts, which could, in theory, make MONEY (universally) parimutuel (ie. hyperhypo).

To accomplish this would take either a treasuries decree converting non-cybernetic governance instances at the revenue level (with UUe as the house), or extremally large-scale mass participation (in terms of its mobile network's nodal saturation) in a heterotic container consisting of a virtual economy from which seigniorage - as an excise [Classified as a deductible] - subsidizes utilities. Both can be pursued simultaneously where cellular automation handles an elastic deposit scheduler. (see non-cybernetic government, DUCK🦆, u-u economics)
/// The idea behind the heterosis is that virtuality affords freedom of activity as well as intrinsic transaction, however, the platformer (governing body) bills according to grid usage (compliance). -- A zero-sum game (ie. nobody loses; everyone's needs are met).
Function map: parimutuelquotient normalizationcybernetic governance


A jukebox (jb) is a transactionary% automaton hosting a rotisserie [server shell].%% activators
TOS /// Thus, a jukebox is the natural machine(ry) with which to juke (ie. perform walk brokering).

Pertaining to UUe~, our tokens are the client operators, while the assets are stews.~~ A mathematical model [mathmod]. Stewniversally, Q♯🎶-compatibility* is required for quotient normalization.** Formal language-specific to EGP. (see juke, juking, juker, juke tax, juke notation, Juke Lemma, cybernetics, QQ, mathemusic, Starbureiy automaton, gameshow, #recital)


A (digital) signature is a server-side authenticator in a proof-of-work scheme.
[Do not confuse with key signature, time signature.]

Because each opus/fibor has an intentical ¢ent value associated with its image, only a finite number of ¢ents can be allocated to a signee (ie. juker). Such game logic (cassette+certificate+token) designation requires genuine digital validation/verification before or so push/pull requests can be approved for transaction (known as securing🔐). Otherwise, an object is subjected to double-spending, or a user can hypothetically create counterfeit (non-injective) assets - hijack the platform to forge proof - which is fraudulent and disallowed. (see juke notation, coupon)
/// Signatures, manifested in tutti progression, are ultimately a means for reducing rotisserie stress.

As a further integrity measure, this data is defaulted to the ledger (as public information).
Function map: patchγ-proofcassettesignatureUUelcome


Cybernetics is the control of an automaton's feedback [(u,u)] loop. (see cyborg, cybernetic governance)
/// In our case, the primary automaton is UUe, and its feedback loop is preimageimage. Therefore, cybernetics is the orchestration of a stable economy; ensuring its fitness.


lnq's walk A walk is some playable* spacetime complex process (sequence of finite steps at fixed lengths).** Ludologically, some progression and its contrapuntal motion.

This is a plot of a nut's path (a type of circuit as it would traverse the braneworld, indicative of currency flow) with stochastic activity at specified movements (openingmiddlegameendgame). In all probability, walks chart a statistical distribution of their entropy (random variables transforming twistorspace).

In proof theory, there are three (3) stages to a walk: (1) coil, (2) graphics, and (3) mesh.

We use walks as parse arguments in juking. (see 🧑🏿lnq's walk, thread, sport, Pink program, route, tip, UUelcome)
/// In automation, walks are approximate source directives.
Function map: preimagewalkimage


UUhistlegrass©™ is the name given to UUelcome's libretti@ [ie. folio of flowchart^ objects (eg. postcards, stamps, stickers, etc.)].@@ A libretto is a scored+digested thread compile of staging+music relating the preimagery to the image. ^^ stream (see 🧑🏿lnq's Starting Five, Egglepple, everywhere!, UUelcome License)
/// +All jukebox activity outputs to the ledger, however, some entries - like miscellany (#miscellany) and blurb (#blurb) - may be excluded from archiving, which catalogues 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy's compositions/signatures. Executables are filed under #libretto, articles (eg. 'papers') under #article.
+This libretto [essentially a cartridge of individual compiles (cassettes) that are organized by ephemera (hash)] corresponds to a logfile. To a degree, it may be likened to sheet music, or the dopesheet in traditional animation. (see also 🧑🏿lnq's Starting Five)

+ The contents of these documents may meet basic disclosure/transparency requirements as codified by federal law and referential scholarship. Additionally, they fulfill specific accounting standards as promulgated by certain preservation ordinances.

UUhistlegrass has a permanent record with the Library of Congress in the United States of America, as through an issued International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).
//: ISSN 2165-6738
Furthermore, that same record is catalogued by WorldCat with the following catalog number: OCLC 774054633


A cyborg (from 'cybernetic organism') is a system whose logic is mutually interchangeable with automata. (see 🧠brainbrane, cybernetic governance, Pajamas, jukebox, avatar, 🧑🏿lnq)