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+Party People soundtrack

Here is the short list of the music that'll be blasted over and over again on the Requiem tour this Autumn (2016):

- "Fairweather Friend" by Johnny Gill
- "Right Here" by SWV
- "There's No Stopping Us" by Ollie and Jerry
- "Can You Feel It" by The Jacksons
- "Jeff Waz On The Beat Box" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince - "Oh My Love" by Chris Brown


mathemusical cent Mathemusically, a ¢ent is a ratio* of two (2) (close) frequencies. For the ratio (a:b) to remain constant over the frequency spectrum, the frequency range encompassed by a ¢ent must be proportional to those frequencies. Scaled๐ŸŽš, an equally tempered semitone spans 100 ¢ents (a dollar) by definition.Made from stew choreography.

According to The Origamic Symphony๐ŸŽถ, an octave^ - the unit of frequency level when the base logarithm = [font size × font weight] - spans twenty-six (26) semitones (intervals/measures), and therefore, 2600 ¢ents. Because raising a frequency by one (1) ¢ent is equivalent to multiplying this constant ¢ent value, and 2600 ¢ents doubles a frequency, the ratio of frequencies one ¢ent apart is calculated as the 2600th root of 2 (~ 1.00026663).The interval between the first and second harmonics of the harmonics series. (see also ¢ent formula, juke tax, MONEY, meshroom, residue, Double U economics)
TOS /// Economically, the ¢ent (cachecredit) is the rudimentary Double U currency object (used to measure/determine the size of twistorspace). Reward function-wise, ¢ents are transacted in the twist economy as the negotiable instrument [standard currency for exchange (ie. purchase, pairing, etc.)].

+Bernice Eve


+music theory

+variation (music)

(see also meshroom)




Musicurrency is a styled cryptocurrency whose encryption is based on music, more directly, mathemusic.

+Funshine/Toonlight© (song)

"Funshine/Toonlight" is music written and performed by ๐ŸจLink Starbureiy. It is the themesong for UUelcome, and Starbureiy considers it to be his anthem. (see also Funshine/Toonlight, swooning)


Three-rex (colloquially spelled "3-rex", as a play on the word for the dinosaur, 't.rex' (Tyrannosaurus rex), is a term loosely grouping the fields of sport, music, and commerce*. The union of which implies an economic engine of sorts for juking.Thread monetization (see also treble, smb)
UUe /// Sport is essentially random walk programming. So, the triad is plainly math, music, and money (MMM).



A fret (ie. activation fee/price-per-token) or coin is a conjectured ideal phenomenon in juking. Theoretically, it is the "lowest-level juke [as one-twenty-sixth (1/26th) of a sporadic group]" at one ¢ent (penny), where the value is derived from the ¢ent formula [fret = logn(b/a) | {b,a = (u,u), n = font size × font weight}]. Its representative tablature indicates the range from which integer-spin statistics are obtained. (see also bid)

The significance of the fret (and the idealism of it) is its extreme affordability; one ¢ent is considered to be Nature's disposable income. Mirroring chemistry, the fret would be the lowest available energy level [resonance].

In everyday vernacular, most, if not all, jukes hedging opus handicaps are assumed to be so-called "(penny) frets". That is, their fret is typically worth "pennies on the dollar" or "cents on the dollar". The fret itself may be an accurate description of a general deposit because standard coupon deviation is registered by table.
/// In theory, attaining a per-¢ent fret is challenging because of tablature efficiency conditions; where the greater the number of pencils (and hence ¢ents), the heavier the string, resulting in a juke with a wild count.

+In practice, a pure 'penny' (1¢) fret is infeasible in two-dimensional (2d) vector space because such a fret is not congruent with any handicap, and for this reason, we improvise (ie. choreograph in twistorspace). Routinely, quotient load-normalization happens when the handicap becomes saturated.


Formulator: ๐ŸจLink Starbureiy
Mathemusic is the functional conflation (via brane classes) of mathematics and ๐ŸŽตmusic (defined as 'an incorporation of keys and timing') whose resultant is a ฮณ-proof. This tends more towards being a supermathematical exercise grounded in the principles of music theory. However, it is practically expressing (with libretti) statistics in the framework of music (even sans sonically). Cryptologically, it is the algorithmic direction of variation*. When we speak of mathemusic, we are generally doing so in the context of The Origamic Symphony๐ŸŽถ/Egglepple.Solutions have melodic texture. (see also ¢ent, mathletics, ๐Ÿจlnq's Starting Five, 3-rex, fibor, UUe, juke notation)
"All I hear is mathematics. All I see is music." - ๐ŸจLink Starbureiy

/// Contemporary mathemusic was originally formulated by ๐ŸจLink Starbureiy.๐Ÿค“


An opera is the program (of opus numbers) of a libretto. (see also opus, developus, opera ludo, hash opera, #opรฉra-ballet, ballet, #libretto, ฮณ-proof)
/// To me, an opera is the 'flow of a proof'. The works highlight puzzles๐Ÿงฉ for identification.




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