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+list of UUelcome episodes

+list of trademarks

+list of operas by Link Starbureiy

- Stewart (1999)
- Stewart (2016)
- Easter (2017)
(see also +list, catalog of Link Starbureiy)


Link Starbureiy's 305 is the collection of his in-progress/unfinished works*. It is aptly titled '305' because that is the preferred maximum number of items he allows at any one (1) point in the queue (also, his birthday is March 5, or 3/05).Largely, a swath of open🔓 puzzles and compositions on his 'to-do' list. (see also The March 5, Catalog of Link Starbureiy, +list)


Note (+): The phrase "305" (as in, "305 that." or "That piece was 305ed.") means to dump unfinished work into an active work container.🤓

Keep in mind that once items are completed, they are removed from the queue (ie. they are no longer code: #305).

+bibliography of Link Starbureiy

Note (+): Some of the stuff I've done work on (contract or no contract).

(see also UUhistlegrass, +list)

+the catalog of Link Starbureiy

by age denotes rookie season
+12 (March 5) - created Egglepple (portfolio of my own toys [puzzles])

I got my start as a toy designer, designing puzzles. These were (what I consider) elementary in nature (mazes and stuff), but gradually became more sophisticated as my interests spanned the gamut of creative arts and recreational mathematics. I always mention my sixth grade teacher in relaying this origin story because it was on his recommendation that I gather(ed) my works (hence, the beginnings of a 'portfolio') to have something to show art departments when I was ready. As his pupil, I was also given a battery of mathematics tests to take (early-on and throughout) to gauge my aptitude. I learned more in that one (1) schoolyear with him than I did at any other point in my entire academic career (and I admittedly lost interest shortly thereafter). Without a doubt, he was probably the single most instrumental person in my overall scholastic development. Sometimes I joke that I'm walking around with a sixth grade education.😉

+17 - founded LSN (went pro)
+18 - premiere of Robot (play)
+19 - The Origamic Symphpony; invented EGP keynote [krc 0.01] (← established the discipline of juking)
+20 - drafted Stewart (developii)
+21 - registered world's first recreational mathematics enterprise, The Egglepple Company
+25 - hypothesized Quantumquotient (/Juke Lemma), jukebox release candidate 0.1
+26 - Joey Koala🐨 [appropriation of yots (orchestra)], debut of Egglepple: The Mathemagical World
+28 - Magic Summer, The Mathemagical Society
+29 - kernel release candidate 1.0, UUelcome (ack payload/fugue) formulation and contract entry
+30 - launched UUelcome (recital) [s.1], prototyped UUallet (concerto build 1:=non-automated)
+32 - started UUhistlegrass as a mathematics periodical
+34 - properly devised/outlined BOT
+36 - RE+ER
+38 - Easter (opera), Strings@50

+Starbureiy is the instigator+namesake of the Starbureiy statistic, Starbureiy Toy, and 8 Jersey. (see also +list, treble, mathletics)

(see also 305, toonage, lnq's Starting Five, developus, UUhistlegrass, +list)

+list of things named after Link Starbureiy

- Bibliography of Link Starbureiy
- Brain of the Brane
- Egglepple
- Fiduciary of Fun
- Link Egglepple Starbureiy (biography page)
- Link Starbureiy's 305
- Link Starbureiy's Magic Summer
- Link Starbureiy's Starting Five
- Link Starbury Network
- lnq's avatar
- lnq's bubblegum
- lnq's motif
- lnq's walk
- Puzzle Prince
- Starbureiy (institute)
- Starbureiy automaton
- Starbureiy ballet
- Starbureiy certification🍎
- Starbureiy hypothesis
- Starbureiy nomenclature
- Starbureiy statistic
- Starbureiy Toy
- The catalog of Link Starbureiy
- The Egglepple Company

+lnq's Starting Five

Composer: Link Starbureiy
lnq's Starting Five, Link Starbureiy's Starting Five, LS5, or The March 5, refers to the mathemusical quintet (5-stack) ensemble - having originated with and prepared by him - that shape his repertoire* (other works aside). They are (in no particular order): The Origamic Symphony (symphony) complemented by Stewart (opéra-ballet), Mathilda+RONALD (complexity), EGP (tonic), and UUallet (concerto). This suite is jukebox (UUe)-ready, digested on uuhistlegrass, and recited&.Main program oeuvre for both conducting twist economics+recital fulfillment. Theatrically, it features Link Egglepple Starbureiy (lnq) as he embarks on his puzzle-solving / own rationality. (see also yots, developus, lnq's bubblegum, swoon, touch-and-go, UUelcome, License, +list)

Notes (+): +The 'starting five' is an athletic reference to team sports in which teams (of at least five players) will begin a game or match with their/its decided starters on deck.

+Puwun is Link Starbureiy's muse (akin to a sixth man/woman - first off the bench, so to speak).


A development opus, or developus (or dev), is a composition [opera] that is geared towards cell imitation so as for it to be totally compatible with TOS by furthering extensibility of jukebox dependencies (responsive to orchestration). These are typically introduced to advance or re-purpose some macrocontract or lab. (see also Stewart, oeuvre, #opera)

Note (+): The term 'developus' was coined by Link Starbureiy.🤓 Plural: developii

Function map: opus (ballet) ⊆ opera ⊆ ... gameshow
LES' compositions