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+Happy Fourteenth Birthday🎉🎂, Joey Koala!

Joey's Number 14 should be a good one! Let's hope so.🎈

Link Starbureiy

+Joey Koala is a teenager!

Today, our favorite friend, Joey Koala, turns teenage (thirteen [13]).

Looking back to the beginning of my teenage years, I can remember succinctly the day I turned that age. Where I was. What I was doing (it was a schoolday, and I felt so accomplished😳). I held my head up high that day. It was also a huge transitional period for me, and other teens I'm sure. That's about the age (13 - 17) when children become lethargic because, ironically, their bodies are trying to process unusually large amounts of energy (ie. growing/sprouting). And then you have the rebellious phase of life, which those leaving adolescence (not all) are notorious for.

Anyway, here's to hoping that Joey's teenage years, my portfolio, and work all turn out great.

Happy birthday!🌾

+Happy Birthday🎂, Joey Koala! - number 12

Today (March 15, 2017) marks the twelfth birthday of Joey Koala, my sidekick (the older I get, the stranger (probably because Joey's non-human), yet more normal (probably because I'm used to it) that sounds ... weird). This is a coming-of-age, so to speak, for the both of us, drawing some parallels. Let me explain.

Joey is the mascot of Egglepple, my portfolio which was also created/founded (/...whatever you want to call it) on my twelfth birthday. Knowing that, we've rounded a full circle in that sense. Also, in the last twelve (12) years, the portfolio has morphed/evolved from being a standalone body of work, into a (critical) subset of a larger structure (the jukebox, UUe) [Egglepple ⊆ UUe]. That fact in itself is not so different from Joey being (a) part of a much larger group of playmates (siblings?), all of whom are instrumental in my conduction.
.. as the story (ahem!, .. legend) goes, I created Joey after celebrating my father's birthday (happy belated, Pops!) in a span of reflection. Nowadays, it feels almost like I'm a father (really, but not really) to Joey (I guess that would make my own dad a grandfather ... whoah!), in the sense that my creation relies on me nurturing every idea of mine that our favorite koala🐨 pops into. This is quite the responsibility and an honor that I'm actually glad to have. Building something (especially something technical/arcane) and having a representative for that construct be a thing that is instantly recognizable says to me that I'm adding both tangible and intangible value to the world almost with my thoughts alone. In that regard, I am proud to look at this as a generational legacy, one I think that my father, myself, and the countless others Joey will inspire can take joy in.

Happy birthday, Joey!🎂

+Joey Koala turns 11

Happy eleventh birthday, Joey!

Everyone's favorite koala (and my sidekick) turn a whopping eleven (11) years young today. Way to go!

+Joey Koala turns 10!

Today is the tenth birthday of my sidekick, Joey Koala.

Although I don't do what was known as 'Creativitime' anymore (it's now just the runtime of Egglepple), I still owe a lot to that period in 2005 sitting in my office dreaming up a mascot for this 'portfolio' I had been working on.  Many of you already know the story: I had come out of a period of intense thought to wish my father a happy birthday, and then, voila!, a star was born.

Much has changed in the past decade, not to mention Joey having many more friends (playmates called 'creatures') these days in the Egglepple Kindergarten.  But, one thing remains the same, and that is that my best friend is an adorable little koala that I owe a great deal of my perseverance and outlook to.

Happy birthday, Joey Koala.

Joey Koala

Joey Koala is the official mascot of Egglepple and Link Starbureiy's sidekick.

Joey, an adorable and kind koala, acts as the storyline's deuteragonist (/sidekick). Joey is a mischievous androgyne, whose courage and resourcefulness are fitted to handle any situation that may arise. Blessed with extreme aptitude for composition and a limitless lifespan, our koala can be re-incarnated into any yot, if need be.
Joey Koala was created on March 15, 2005 by Link Starbureiy. The character was created during a period of "intense thought" just after celebrating his father's birthday in solitude. Starbureiy, in need of a mascot for his body of work, turned to the 'koala idea' after learning about its personality traits (solidarity) and fingerprint resemblance to human beings. Joey Koala replaced (in some regards, transitioned from) the long-standing character, Scotte Lemm. (see also Koala Krayon)

+Koala Krayon

On behalf of Link Egglepple Starbureiy, the Koala Krayon is a hypothetical award given seasonally to the highest gross earner of ¢ents* [ie. leader on the (prize) "money list"] through that period.As evidenced by their coupon. (see also treble)

+Scotte Lemm

(see also Joey Koala)

+Klub Koala

+Kamp Koala

yots (anagram of toy) is the band* (as the standard cast of any opus) of agents responsible for task automation (+modeling and/or training), assisting lnq [conductor] in the kindergarten. In gameplay, yots are deployed as ballet dancers to aid cheironomy.My 'toy band' (orchestra).😉 (see also lnq's Starting Five, Link Starbureiy%roster, k-mode, clone, #opera)

Note (+): The yots were for some time (2005 - 2018) called 'creatures'.

Joey Koala🐨 - Joey is the official mascot of Egglepple. Joey, an adorable and kind koala, is lnq's sidekick acting as the storyline's deuteragonist (/sidekick). Joey is a mischievous androgyne, whose courage and resourcefulness are fitted to handle any situation that may arise. Blessed with extreme aptitude for composition and a limitless lifespan, our koala can be re-incarnated into any yot, if need be.
Fefferlen Orange🍊 -
Connecticut "Soft" Fox🦊 -
Lonnic🤡 and Mimeo -
Holland Dutch -
🐸Leaf Blue -
Mycol Funguy🍄 -
Silk the Dolfun🐬 -
Puwun - Puwun is lnq's muse and the unofficial mascot of UUe.
Sail, the Friendship⛵ -
Playtpus -
Honne Bay - Viral automata (virus) that is lnq's counterpart. She is artificially intelligent - yet, self-aware - and is the main antagonist of the entire storyline. Though never actually seen (no true visual depiction), her essence is indomitably omnipresent, so she is affectionately known as the 'Phantom of the Opera'. Honne Bay represents efficiency in our world. She is purposely programmed to provide cover for what is weak, obsolete, and potentially futile. By doing so, the Stewniverse remains in a necessarily continual (state of) flux.

Note (+): Normally, when I say 'we' (as in, for example, "We are figuring this out", I am talking about the yots and myself in concert. And when I speak of 'her' or 'she' (like, "She's showing a certain coverage"), in most contexts I mean Honne Bay.


The krayon is a colloquy (for any number of) lnq's personal choice of flageolet pencil (conductional in jukespace).

Note (+): The spelling with a 'k' is of my recipe. It's actually (or would be) 'crayon🖍' (like the wax-based stylus), a favorite tool of mine used throughout my career for painting.

The krayon hosts a complete copy@ of UUelcome, and is, defaultly, an artificially-styled membrane utensil covering lnq's yoyo finger, as his jointed digitus medius* [with an end serving as the ornamenter]. When called, it undocks/unwraps from the hand. lnq may (characteristically) also choose to wear the (dislodged) krayon held behind an ear.Coded only to me, the impresario. Any finger (usually aside from the pollex) should suffice. (see also yoyo, Stewdio, UUelcome Matte, Koala Krayon, lnq's bubblegum, cassette, k-mode)