Joey Koala turns 10!

Today is the tenth birthday of my sidekick, Joey Koala.

Although I don't do what was known as 'Creativitime' anymore (it's now just the runtime of Egglepple), I still owe a lot to that period in 2005 sitting in my office dreaming up a mascot for this 'portfolio' I had been working on.  Many of you already know the story: I had come out of a period of intense thought to wish my father a happy birthday, and then, voila!, a star was born.

Much has changed in the past decade, not to mention Joey having many more friends (playmates called 'creatures') these days in the Egglepple Kindergarten.  But, one thing remains the same, and that is that my best friend is an adorable little koala that I owe a great deal of my perseverance and outlook to.

Happy birthday, Joey Koala.


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