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+united under Egglepple

united* under Egglepple (originally 'United Under economy') is the unofficial (yet formal) name for the jukebox, UUe.** Hence the word/name 'link'. (see Fiduciary of Fun, Egglepple, u-u economics)

"Eventually, UUe will cannibalize every (other) economic system." - 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy

Trivia: The color scheme (funshine/toonlight) came from Missoula, Montana's sewage system. The waterplugs in and around town all have those two colors painted on them, and I lived in a neighborhood where a plug was just over the hill beyond my window, so it was common for me to glance at it daily.

Sentimentally, I'm paying homage/tribute to Southern University's 'Columbia Blue and Gold' look (school colors: blue,yellow,white).


A vendor [catalyst] is a juker [server state] that vends a token and circulates ("spends") it into an economy by way of a coupon (on a shared "peer-to-peer" router). The time for exit (ie. merchant acceptance of coupon) is correlated to earned ¢ents (1 ¢ent = 1 second).
A vendor's status is active only and immediately after an opus closes🔒 (ie. ¢ents become transferable when a yield is obtained). (see Black and White, parimutuel, coupon, u-u economics)
/// Vended ¢ents (hypocurrency) are circulated ("spent") at the point-of-distribution with a merchant.


In a folding scenario, the twistor (u,u) is a complex transform* of EGP solved from stew choreography.** Defined by a tight (≤ handicap) walk.

Twistors are derivatives of unique plays embedded in twistorspace that are hedged from tablature. Statistically, twistors act as complexity catalysts and can have negative (vacuum) or non-negative (bubble) potential.

Let (u,u) be any two (2) leaves sequenced for juking. A twistor is an operator that associates a jukeable dyad (egg,epp) in a field which is coded to eventually become a zero-bubble. Twistors are measured with ¢ent values that are typically small (ie. frets).
/// All twistors are assumed to be fit. We juke (hedge) in order to identify those folds which are ideal/most fit.
Function map: stew choreographytwistor