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+Starbureiy ballet

A type of ballet (particularly the dance element) involving a yoyo as the main character in performing stew choreography. (see also lnq's walk, +link)

+groove (scheme)

This is a (personal) passcode scheme based on body motion.


Gizmo is the nickname Link Starbureiy chose for himself when he participates in breakdancing and other streetdance artforms. (circa 1995)


The 'swoon' is a dance first popularized by pro wrestler Ravishing Rick Rude during his stint with the WWF. It features a circular gyration of the hips - usually in a seductive manner, while the hands are raised and held behind the head.

Swooning has become a signature overture of Link Starbureiy after being adopted by him. (see also lnq's Starting Five)


A juke - a mathemusical measure - is an iterated perturbation* (sesquilinear transform) to Egglepple. To juke is to proof some twistor space with (an) EGP encryption [more accurately, to encode EGP onto a brane (tape)]. Juking will summon a redeemable option (the coupon) on a continuous event that is predetermined. In this case, jukes are proxies for the statistical variance of tablature complexity, and serve to hedge some handicap. Jukes themselves generate UUe's cryptohash (provided from seigniorage on coupons); being synonymous with coin insertion [deposit] for traditional jukebox activation and ultrametric calculus
Within the context of stew choreography, a juke is a play that is symmetry-breaking (to some walk) but not an endgame move, which means that it does not include: (1) the coupling of adjacent leaves, or (2) the leaves EEE and PPP [(namely (EEE,PPP) / (PPP,EEE)] in coordination. Failing to adhere to this rule would result in dissonance.

Note (+): It may be the case that the leaves EEE and PPP can/should be replaced by EEG and PPG, respectively. This is because EEE and PPP actually are loop markers (marking initiation and termination) in a sequence. Adjacent leaves cannot be coupled due to the fact that a chord (three leaves or more) is required for folding.

Out of the total twenty-six (26) stews, only twenty-four (24) of them allow legal jukes. This stems from the fact that a composition cannot lack harmony, which is to say that a loop (connected endpoints), nor adjacencies (any side-by-side coordinates) are permissible. (see also Juke Lemma, juke tax, juke notation, juke button, tip)

Note (+): The sequence of leaves in a juke is immune to start/stop identification. Meaning that it is not illegal to have an opus be of identical lettering (eg. "Opus LL").


As our "dance* of the ball", ballet is an improvisational program [opus] that synthesizes walk categories.~ Each ballet is a frame arrangement [lyrically, the bundling of two (2) or more fibors induct (either by encryption or decryption) some random coil into gameplay].In the Egglepple scenario, the 'dance' is stew choreography, and the band of dancers is yots. What I refer to as 'walking the string'. (see also Starbureiy ballet, groove (scheme), opera, #opéra-ballet, #libretto)

Note (+): We may consider ballet to be the transition from opening to endgame. I prefer to think of a ballet as an opera's lemma.

Function map: balletopera