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+juke notation

Juke notation (jn, rhetorically called a verse) is the instrument-agnostic, language-independent, easy-to-decipher verbalization of some juke assignment as meant for proof. In signing, the alphanumeric notation is essentially "play code"*; devised to instruct the jukebox on how, when, and what to type in stereo [stew choreography]. The Stewdio is the designated instrument for generating, reading, routing, and interpreting juke notation.Referred to as a track (for tracing some token). (see also hologram, touch-and-go)

Note (+): Juke notation was devised by Link Starbureiy.🤓


A meter signature is a server-side authentication/or as a source of access-level trust.
[Do not confuse with key signature, time signature.]

Because each opus has a finite ¢ent value associated with its image, only a certain number of ¢ents can be allocated to a signee (ie. juker). Such game logic (cassette+certificate+token) designation requires genuine digital validation/verification before or so that the transaction can be approved for decryption or encryption (known as securing🔐). Otherwise, a user can hypothetically create counterfeit (non-injective) assets - hijack the platform to forge proof - which is fraudulent and disallowed. (see also juke notation, coupon)

Note (+): Signatures, manifested in tutti progression, are ultimately a means for reducing rotisserie stress.

As a further integrity measure, this data is defaulted to the ledger (as public information).
Function map: patchy-proofcassettesignatureUUelcome

+lnq's motif

The official identifier of and universal symbol for Link Egglepple Starbureiy (lnq) is his autograph representing his name. Drawing on EGP, the overall shape is that of the letter e, and contained within the curve (a closing🔒 string) are two (2) 'eyes' (written as letters l - one for the letter g and the other for the letter p - each as an endpoint). (see also Starbureiy nomenclature, lnq's walk, +list, 📓For You, Prince)

This is Egglepple's default glyph.

Note (+): This is the language-independent way my name ('Egglepple') is written. It is pronounced, "Lingk".

+key signature

In key signatorial mode, selections from the Keynote are the fruut: beta sheet, alpha helix, and delta valley.

+time signature

In time signatorial mode, selections from the Keynote are the foundational letters of the portfolio: E (yellow rectangle), G (blue circle), and P (green triangle). (see also key signature)