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Touch-and-go [H#H] refers to my toccata [style of cheironomy] which utilizes threading: [touch*](holography) plus [go](#hashtag) for juking Egglepple++as well as jukebox tuning.Emphasis more on "touch on/over" a topic/subject rather than haptics. // In composing The Origamic Symphony🎶, gameplay is used: patchwork (orchestrating subiteratives, such as prepatches) are contracted (pu$h/pull → deploy) to solve a 🧩puzzle; configs require signatures on stables. (see also joey, krayon, k-mode, gameplay)
/// Conduction is responsive in jukespace.


A j-surface is a smart topological membrane for projecting the UUe interface onto for toccata purposes. (see also jukespace, joey, Egglepple, everywhere!)


(see also sticker, stamp, touch-and-go, juke notation, fibor, hash)

+augmented wearable

In having the individual interact with their environment, we treat the body as a mobile object, and assume the environment is superfluous automata. In order to interface with that same environment, we telepresent specified automata (particles*) for direct augmentation (of The Origamic Symphony). To accomplish this, the Pajamas must become an extension of said environment, and vice versa. We call this phenomenon an augmented wearable.





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