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+Starbureiy style


A word is a string formed from (the letters of) an alphabet. (see also EGP, juke notation)


An automaton is a machine that can self-sufficiently perform (ie. transition through) a walk given some stated input. (see also Starbureiy automaton, cellular automaton, jukebox)

Notes (+): +Walks are random types.

+Fibor is jukebox-specific automata.


GL (or G-L) is the name given to the written script of the languages for which the letters/symbols themselves abbreviate, Greek and Latin. GL is part of contemporary Euro-style mathematics, and used to describe formal concepts related to the field. Together with mathematical modeling, GL forms the foundational basis of traditional mathematics communication.


Formulator: Link Starbureiy
Mathemusic is the functional conflation (via the loopstring) of mathematics and music (defined as 'an incorporation of keys and timing') whose resultant is a y-proof. This tends more towards being a supermathematical exercise grounded in the principles of music theory. However, it is practically expressing (with libretti) statistics in the framework of music (even sans sonically). Cryptologically, it is the algorithmic direction of variation*. When we speak of mathemusic, we are generally doing so in the context of The Origamic Symphony (and not to exclude Egglepple).Solutions have melodic texture. (see also ¢ent, mathletics, lnq's Starting Five, 3-rex, fibor, UUe, juke notation)
"All I hear is mathematics. All I see is music." - Link Starbureiy

Note (+): Contemporary mathemusic was originally formulated by Link Starbureiy.🤓