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+lnq's motif

Nicknamed 'Ellis the Egghead'*, this official identifier of and universal logo for 🧑🏿Link Egglepple Starbureiy (lnq) is his autograph representing the number (8) of his name.** 'Ellis' phonetically stems from 'LS' (the initials of 'Link Starbureiy'). The 'egghead' portion is because it is shaped like an 🥚egg. Duh!

Drawing on EGP, the overall shape is that of the letter e, and contained within the curve (a closing🔒 string) are two (2) 'eyes' (written as letters i - one for the letter g and the other for the letter p - each as an endpoint). (see 🧑🏿lnq nomenclature, 🧑🏿lnq's walk, UUelcome, QQ, +list, 📓For You, Prince, egghead (mask), font)

This is Egglepple's default glyph.
/// This is the language-independent way my name ('Egglepple') is written. It is pronounced "Lingk".

+major scale

The major scale hosts* the secondary structure (EGP encryption on primary structure) of Egglepple. Complexity: E ** In addition to residually defining the tertiary and quarternary structures. (see fibor, fibor bundle, meshroom, groove, melody)

Function map: minor scalemajor scale → ... groovefiborfibor bundle

+random coil

Ludologically, the function of opening🔓 a loopstring is processed seemingly random.
/// As in each outcome has equal probability.

A random coil is the lowest-level [dim≤1] (unmapped) orientation of a brane. This unstructured position sample [an algebraic curve] is known* as its preimage (or illustrative state for both pitch and incidental tax determinance).** I label it 'scribble'.

Instead of being a specific shape/pose, it is a statistical distribution of all populated conformations (albeit, strictly those lacking subunit definition). If each conformation (walk) has equal probability or weight, then such coil is the acoustically-approximated bounds of some twistorspace. (compare denaturation, contrast identity)
/// +It is not uncommon to have multiple different coil(s) for the same opus/string.
+The orientation is that of algebraic curvature because topologically, random coils are random walks on curved surfaces. My given axiom is that encryption can be hidden in its algebra.

Function map: scribblesponge