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+EGP Keynote

Inventor: Link Starbureiy

EGP is The Origamic Symphony's keynote, and the calculus of egglepple. [EGP/fruut]
An invention {September 1998} of Link Starbureiy🤓, our cipher is such that kernelized handshakes are integral to l-string frequencies*. Sequentially, this means that both yesegalo (flavor generation) and crypto fabrication (primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures) remain asynchronous as long as preimage-image contracts are kept (ie. the tonic will harmonize the brane to the point of closure).EGP is what gets encrypted on(to) algebraic curves.

Note (+): Keeping contracts is the basis of self-synthesis.

Absolutely considered in the analysis are the concepts of integration (loopstring) and differentiation (stews).

UUe Draughts

+pink poem

Pink poems (not to be confused with 'pink sheets') or the Pink program*, are opus pieces^ for recapitulation preluded by an impromptu rondo. A pink poem ('pink') optimizes ludology [ie. kernelized push movements (openingmiddlegameendgame)] for predicting fibor architecture (structure + pattern) from its sequence.Assembler of declarable walks for print staging. A class of machine learning [tuning ("training")] algorithms. (see also Lnq's Starting Five, UUhistlegrass, touch-and-go, patch, Mathilda)
Notes (+): + It is called a "pink poem" just because Link Starbureiy liked how that color [RGB:255,0,100] (I call it watermelon🍉) looked on the design of the UUelcome Matte (and for the matching letter p's😉).

+ Pink poems are reports that fulfill the LES prerogative - utilization of defensive disclosure, whereby such publications become prior art upon forfeiture of patent application code (in the public domain).

+ Pinks share a common gameplay directive with Lnq's bubblegum.


A gameshow is a demonstrative program* (DIY) about a game, or the ludology (ie., element gamification) of some game. Gameshows usually have a rewards factor involved; where participants earn some sort of prize for advancing~ within the program. Runtime with voluntary call-and-response (ie. merchant.vendor hyperlinking). Solving puzzles.

Note (+): My recital (the gameshow that I produce, and everybody's favorite😁) is called UUelcome.




The tutti ("all together" or "recombination") is a responsive heatmapping of all cryptographical kernel components [stereotypography, operation, integer asymptotics, and ludology (SOIL) hashes] onto the libretto. (see also puzzle)
Function map: tuttiUUhistlegrass


A goal is a closed string as a puzzle's proof. It is scored as an opus excluding ¢ent count. (see also smb)

Note (+): Put simpler, a goal is a satisfied (met) objective within some game.



A sport is a game where some countable number of walks hash statistics that can eventually be parsed [assembled⊕interpreted].

Note (+): Sporting happens organically; ie. the event is some self-organizing heatmap correspondence (via competition).

Sport is central to fitness since we are devising strategies for improvisation; generating plays efficiently (ie. fast + small*) in order to reduce token session duration.Condensed memory footprints (implemented loops) are feedback-friendly. (see also 3-rex, mathletics, Link Starbureiy%roster, v-mode, UUe Cup, port)


- baseball⚾ - basketball🏀 - chess - cricket🏏 - dodgeball - football🏈 - frisbee - golf⛳ - hockey🏒🏑 - lacrosse - rugby🏉 - soccer⚽ - tennis🎾 - volleyball🏐


+ Link Egglepple Starbureiy's recital [cheironomic orchestration] of his repertoire.

(see also UUelcome [payload], Matte, Funshine/Toonlight, Pajamas)
creatures is the band* (as the main cast of any opus) of standard agents responsible for task automation (+modeling and/or training), assisting Lnq [conductor] in the kindergarten. In gameplay, creatures are deployed as ballet dancers to aid cheironomy.My 'toy band'.😉 (see also Lnq's Starting Five, Link Starbureiy%roster, v-mode, clone)

Joey Koala🐨 - Joey is the official mascot of Egglepple. Joey, an adorable and kind koala, is Lnq's best friend acting as the storyline's deuteragonist. Joey is a mischievous androgyne, whose courage and resourcefulness are fitted to handle any situation that may arise. Blessed with extreme aptitude for composition and a limitless lifespan, our koala can be re-incarnated into any non-creature, if need be.
Fefferlen Orange🍊 -
Connecticut "Soft" Fox🦊 -
Lonnic🤡 and Mimeo -
Holland Dutch -
🐸Leaf Blue -
Mycol Funguy🍄 -
Silk the Dolfun🐬 -
Puwun - Puwun is Lnq's muse and the unofficial mascot of UUe.
Sail, the Friendship⛵ -
Playtpus -
Honne Bay - Viral automata (virus) that is Lnq's nemesis. She is artificially intelligent - yet, self-aware - and is the main antagonist of the entire storyline. Though never actually seen (no true visual depiction), her essence is indomitably omnipresent, so she is affectionately known as the 'Phantom of the Opera'. Honne Bay represents efficiency in our world. She is purposely programmed to provide cover for what is weak, obsolete, and potentially futile. By doing so, the Stewniverse remains in a necessarily continual (state of) flux.

Note (+): Normally, when I say 'we' (as in, for example, "We are figuring this out", I am talking about the creatures and myself in concert. And when I speak of 'her' or 'she' (like, "She's showing a certain coverage"), in most contexts I mean Honne Bay.


A puzzle is a combinatorial event or toy lending itself to ludological inference (ie. all puzzles beg to be solved*).
Decrypted and/or encrypted.
Juking-wise, our puzzles are asymmetric rondos in a three (3)-act continuum (aria [RONALD]): arithmetic + algebra (curvature) + analysis (logarithm).

Note (+): Mathemusical translation: intonation, melody, and measure.


Per some ludology, a play is a legal move(ment) within a game. As a brane transformation (eg. a scribble variant), each play is an evolution of some strategy (technically, a progression against a coverage). (see also pink poem)

The number of unique positions (p) per play can be computed from the superalgebraic resultant: 2(g-1)/2 {g∈+, ≥ 2}, where g equals the amount of generators of supersymmetry circuiting* twistor space [which is of the sesquilinear form (2,2)].As tempo values completing the loop.

Notes (+): + The formula is in direct correlation to spin-statistics. So, for example, when g is odd, say g=11, then p(=32) is an integer-spin (boson). When g is even, say g=20, then p(=724.0+) is a half-integer-spin (fermion). The rational portion (floating point) of half-integer statistics contributes to seigniorage. (see juke tax)

+ p is an upperbound for points on a curve.

Plays (fugue protocols) are implemented as jukes (written in juke notation). They are executed (run) by the call action, and will typically end once the strategy is exhausted. There are three (3) possible outcomes of a play: loss (of advantage), futility (no advancement), or gain (advantage). (see also player)


Within the context of gameplay, a strategy is an algorithm/heuristic* for solving a puzzle [ie. patch versus cover] and identifying (walk) patterns from said potential solutions.decryption↦heuristic, algorithm↦encryption (see also touch-and-go)

Note (+): Strategies are typically non-brute force.


A player is a participant (or, in some cases, a group of participants behaving as a unit) in a game who acts as an optimizer within that game. The player will basically advance a strategy for optimization by using a toy to execute a play. (see also juker, Black and White)

Note (+): The role of the player is superseded by their paired juker.


Ludology is the logic [(cassette + certificate + token)s] of games. As it is important to stereotyping, this would be strategy leading to proof [strategy ↔ proof] in relation to some walk. A person who simulates and/or creates (models) games is called a ludologist (with certain restrictions applied, this same person may also be called a gamer). (also of interest ludeiy, gameplay, gameshow)

For ludological consideration, any game requires the interplay of three (3) things (called rules): 1) a player, 2) string, and 3) rhetoric.

Notes (+): + A simplest definition would be "the charting of currency". Something more formal would be that our game logic is that of "sorting algorithms pertaining to twistor space".

+ Our game engine responds directly to calls (the "payload").

+ The field is not the same as game theory, which moreso studies strategies in particular. Ludology, on the otherhand, encompasses all aspects of juking [especially game mechanics and (methods of) gamification].

+ Ludology does not necessarily promote physics; it is possible that our games may not calibrate potential energy functions (such as force fields). In its stead, models and simulations are promoted with automation.


A toy is an object* that a player can use to induce a payoff (or to simulate such inducement).Some loadable kernel module in the context of UUe. (see also Starbureiy Toy)

Note (+): I personally like to say that toys are add-ons/extensions.


Broadly, a cassette is a mobile encode element (module) invoking loading. More specifically, a cassette refers to a discrete batch* (of libraries) that, when ported, becomes threadable. Cassettes function as cybernetic buffers; they run algorithms for site-specific recombination.Ordered via toonage. (compare gene cassette, see also mixtape)

Note (+): Each build will effectively be a comprehensive, updated, and ready-to-implement edition of the fugue.

Function map: cassetteUUhistlegrass


From the standpoint of string logic-compliance, gameplay (ludological operation) is the dynamic of how l-string functionality is transacted. The premise is that - in jukespace - the two (2) ends of a string must meet each other. By playing, we are generating walks for use in fibor determination, closure, and ultimately sewing.*Gameplay directive: "new walks .. more threads .. better spots .. bigger spreads." - Link Starbureiy [see also Black and White, UUelcome (gameshow), UUelcome Matte, Pink program]

Basically, all games transition through three (3) phases^: the 1) opening, 2) middlegame, and 3) endgame.Movements
Jukers are encouraged to use the Stewdio for juking activity.

Gameplay educes patches and signatures.
Function map: |patchcoverage| → signature