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lnq's yoyo is a spool of fibor acting as the stream of Egglepple. It is used for dribbling [a ball traversing a 1-brane]*. In gameplay, the yoyo+krayon^ comprise the primary mathemusical instrumentation in ballet performance [juking].A type of juggle in jukespace, where the yoyo appears as just plain/regular string (sans discs) readied for input [print staging] from the Stewdio. The yoyo and krayon (combination = joey [discs represent Joey Koala's ears]) work in k-mode. (see also UUhistlegrass, Pajamas)
/// For posterity, the yoyo (particularly the pullstring๐Ÿงถ๐Ÿงต) is/was what eventually piqued my interest in string(theory + ludology).

+jukey style 10

+jukey style 9

+jukey style 8

+jukey style 7

+jukey style 6

+jukey style 4

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+jukey style 5

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