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Mathletics (etymology: math+athletics) is any scenario where the actual act of doing mathematics is turned into a legitimate sport. In our case (cf. juking), mathletics* is the mapping of fitness metrics - namely walks - to their respective fibors [mathletics = preimageimage] (ie. a technical understanding of the mechanics to a specific play run), thus making ludology a normal component of recreation.Contextual juking. Mathletics may also be defined more primitively; for we can say that the ability to gamify any ๐Ÿงฉpuzzle-solution (specifically one of capture the flag๐Ÿ objectivity with a 🥕bounty program [๐Ÿ→🥕]) is a demonstration (ie. competitive flexing) of being subjectively 'mathletic'. (see also recreational mathematics, cryptosport, juker)

Furthermore, (in gameplay) the mathlete is someone who uses EGP to decrypt/encrypt walks from entropic events. More succinctly, the mathlete is a sport performer (or coach) with priority to act out some particular ballet. In terms of so-called "mathleticism", its definition is of a person's (here, the "mathlete") potential to obtain a high score (translation: earn ¢ents) in competitive mathletics. (see also mathletic scholarship, mathemusic, tournament, treble)
/// Mathletics is classified under recreational mathematics.

"The existential test of a mathlete is their ability to maximize their earning potential." - ๐Ÿง‘๐ŸฟLink Starbureiy

From an historical standpoint, I called it 'mathletics' because, after reading the book "Hyperspace" by Michio Kaku, particularly the part where the author enticed readers to find a solution to string field theory, I ended up later creating the EGP Keynote (based off of what I perceived to be a hinted challenge from Kaku). Had I been in academia, this may have been a community effort, but since I worked (as a tendency) in isolation (solo) at the time, I chose to treat it like a sport. Hence the origins of my recreational approach to mathematics.๐Ÿค“

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Training involves ... for purposes of lowering one's st@t. (see also touch-and-go, gymnasium)

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