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Creator + Composer: Link Starbureiy

Egglepple [pronunciation 'egg-ul-epp-ul'] is Lnq's portfolio* (a finite succession of convertible assets) and the subject of his compositions. Generically (represented with lowercase lettering, "egglepple"), it is the tape (itself a puzzle) of leaf definitions (literally "egg leaf ↔ epp leaf"), and the formal name of our 26-dimensional membrane (SMALLBIGStewniverse) [as a stand-alone lyre (when controlled by the Stewdio) connecting both ends of The Origamic Symphony]. When represented with uppercase lettering ("Egglepple"), we are referring to the kindergarten.As in porting stews from one side of the leaf (recto) to the other side (verso). This is what gets stereotyped. (not to be confused with The Egglepple Company, see also Egglepple, everywhere!, Egglepple: Unfolded, Egglepple: The Mathemagical World, yoyo, UUelcome, EGP, Lnq's Starting Five)

Notes (+): Joey Koala is the official mascot of Egglepple.

Egglepple was invented and coined by Link Starbureiy.🤓 The word is also part of his name.😉 (see Starbureiy nomenclature)

Function map: preimageEggleppleimage


Lnq's avatar [a cyborg* facilitating gameplay] is his id's user space.Whose logic is to juke. (see also creatures, v-mode)

Lnq's distinct avatar is of a slender, wooly-haired, very dark-skinned toddler clad in pajamas, with a featured yoyo. He is traditionally depicted chewing bubblegum^ while reciting his repertoire, using a crayon for cheironomy. [dumbness!] An everlasting piece (as a perpetual stream) of bubblegum. Selectively mute, not stupid.

Note (+): Ripened, he is roughly three (3) years young because that is the time period of initial neuromelanin development in primates, and he never ages beyond this because he exists in a quotidian state (Funday).

UUe Draughts

UUe Slalom🎿

UUe Billiards🎱

UUe Lacrosse

UUe Chess

UUe Golf⛳🏌🏿

UUe Cycling

UUe Up

UUe Disc

UUe Handball

UUe Dodgeball

UUe Rugby🏉

UUe Cricket🏏

UUe Volleyball🏐

UUe Skate

UUe Baseball⚾

UUe Tennis🎾🏓🏸

UUe Football🏈