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An episode is a period between two (2) instances of quotient load normalization.

Mathilda tv logo Mathilda

Composer: Link Starbureiy



As the prime directive of the jukebox, Mathilda is UUe's fitness platform for dispensing/assigning extensions*. Its libretto is UUhistlegrass. (see also Lnq's Starting Five, Stewart, UUallet) Mainly bubblegum to ludeiy.

Mathilda is a suite for all of the ballets in performance of The Origamic Symphony. The suite speaks to/covers the quaternary structure of egglepple.

Mathilda is the platform hosting various fitness paradigms. This is an umbrella for all jukebox-related ballets in performance of stew choreography. Existentially, these activities encourage an ecodiversity of random coil for polynomial efficacy.

Here's how the ballet will flow in rotisserie mode:
UUe's ludology revolves around folding string. More precisely, how to obtain a completely closed circuit (0b) from an open string

To do this, we progress through three (3) parts: the opening, middlegame, and endgame.

The opening is what concerns us here. Optionally, we may enter a string orientation (which confines its twistor space), called random coil. I personally call it 'scribble', because, since it can assume any shape, that's what it looks like drawn out. The important thing to remember, however, is that coil cannot cross/intersect in two dimensions (2d) (we use stew choreography instead). Note, though, that there actually is strategy involved in random coil design (hence, it's not truly random).

To input a random coil, we simply draw it in the space to the left of the 'juke' button on the rotisserie. Conversely, this space will also output (show) a result (fibor).

You can actually 'dance', so to speak, right now in Euclidean space (3D). The Stewdio's API is functional (but only for Web), you would just have to supply the hardware. e/1979/03/function-map.html">Function map: MathildaStewart

+Egglepple, everywhere!℠

"Egglepple, everywhere!" (trademark) is the official slogan for UUe (and also its branded mission statement).

Note (+): We want to stereotype the portfolio (ie., render the complete brane in jukespace).

This qualifies as fugue damping*: UUallet dissemination↔⊕opera scaling↕.A second-order derivative of sequencing.
(see also LES desiderata, BOT, The UUe)

United Under Economy /

Developer: Link Starbureiy
License: UUelcome
United Under Economy is the unofficial (yet formal) name for the jukebox, UUe. It is the kernel orchestrating
+ Double U (u-u) economics - systematic configuration* of the payload by auctioning^ stews from the portfolio: [EEE = (micro) through PPP = (macro)], which yield some cryptocommodity (¢ents). This is to say that the whole of egglepple (particularly the balls) is 'statistically united'; a parimutuel system is extensible and can be twisted (u,u) into cybernetic governance. Ludologically, this conversely implies that all disjoint games are subject to signatures. Put another way, loopstring and meshroom are self-synthetic. (see also patch, Pink program, polym@th, Pajamas)Kernel development is an organic reaction to gameplay. A function of compliance.

Note (+): It was originally a trust that has since morphed into something much more sophisticated; a shift similar to Egglepple being re-appropriated into the the jukebox.





Function map: payloadkernelPajamas


Author: Link Starbureiy
Copyright: ISSN 2165-6738

Fugue-conducive, UUhistlegrass is the libretto [folio of looseleaf* hashes] feeding Link Starbureiy's repertoire. It is UUe's portable runtime: behaving simultaneously as our ledger for transactions (ie., token-tracing) which declare strategies, and as Lnq's gameshow flowchart where his soliloquy (recital) is scored + digested.Transient sheets

Note (+): + All UUe activity is recorded on the ledger, however, some entries - like miscellany (#miscellany) and blurb (#blurb) - may be excluded from archiving, which catalogues Link Starbureiy's compositions/signatures. Executables are filed under #libretto, articles (eg. 'papers') under #article.

+ This libretto [essentially a cartridge of individual compiles (cassettes) that are organized by ephemera (hash)] corresponds to a logfile. To a degree, it may be likened to sheet music, or the dopesheet in traditional animation. (see also Lnq's Starting Five)

+ The contents of these documents may meet basic disclosure/transparency requirements as codified by federal law and referential scholarship. Additionally, they fulfill specific accounting standards as promulgated by certain preservation ordinances.

UUhistlegrass has a permanent record with the Library of Congress in the United States of America, as through an issued International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).
//: ISSN 2165-6738
Furthermore, that same record is catalogued by WorldCat with the following catalog number: OCLC 774054633


A development opus, or developus (or dev), is a composition that is geared towards fugue imitation so as for it to be totally compatible with TOS by furthering extensibility of systems applications (responsive to heatmapping). These are typically introduced to advance or re-purpose some macro-scale contract. (see also polym@th)

Note (+): The term 'developus' was coined by Link Starbureiy.🤓

LES' compositions
- Requiem for E
- E2


A rotisserie, or roto, statistically relates ("routes"*) self-contained cache-to-credit functions as defined within some twistor space ||(u,u)||. It exists only to throughput [measure and frame] tokens.A walk directive.

The jukebox hosts a rotisserie in order to instantiate MONEY algorithm activity (read: 'juking'). Rotisseries synthesize parimutuel cycling of the matte (buttons: juke + Stewdio + fugue) so as to benefit jukers [vendors]. In our case, the rotisserie is synonymous with "coupon router" (ie., a hash auction), thereby establishing idempotency.

Note (+): Key words: auction, self-synthesis.


UUelcome* is Lnq's fugue [exposition + development + recapitulation (of egglepple)]. This is the kernel payload (whole heap of motifs) [uue/: (fibor = MONEY^/bubblegum/ludeiy)], run upon juking, recited with game logic, and readied for porting. (see also Juke Lemma, UUhistlegrass, UUelcome Matte)Not to be mistaken for the gameshow, UUelcome. To include fonts.

Note (+): (vocabulary) To a large respect, the word is a portmanteau of 'UUe' and 'chromosome'. If we think of it like in biological terms, then uuelcome has congruence to genome [expressed genetic material].

+ Incentive: once the payload is entirely/fully sequenced, any mesh should become stereotypical.👍

Before I settled on the name 'UUelcome', I had given serious consideration to calling it 'fun:musicbook'. My vision was that it was always going to be an album of some sort of music (in this case, mathemusic).

Function map: opusuuelcomepajamas