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As the determining factor in an opus' naming scheme [hashing], a port [uue/:] is the combinatoric of some twistorspace as defined by its leaves (u,u)* (ie. the starting point to a walk).Technically, as its leaf sorting parametric (ie. "in the key of"...).


Juke space (js, or the 'bulk') is the ideal/authentic configuration space [in stereo] for juking activity (ie. EGP encryption in twistorspace). Complexity: T (see also brane, k-mode, pitch, Stewniverse, j-surface, yoyo, juke notation)
/// Jukespace is mainly where the form of juking happens; whereas, threading would help propagate juke notation otherwise.


A bid is some fret multiple/divisor (known as the price) that is placed (by a bidder [merchant or vendor]*) to leverage purchasing power within an with tokens. (see also handicap, carrot🥕)
/// The multiples themselves cannot exceed the handicap amount of the ballet/string into which the bid is placed.





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