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+pink poem

Pink poems (not to be confused with 'pink sheets') or the Pink program*, are opus pieces^ for recapitulation preluded by an impromptu rondo. A pink poem ('pink') optimizes ludology [ie., kernelized push movements (openingmiddlegameendgame)] for predicting fibor structure from its sequence.Assembler of declarable walks for print staging. A class of machine learning algorithms. (see also Lnq's Starting Five, UUhistlegrass, touch-and-go, patch, Mathilda)
Notes (+): + It is called a "pink poem" just because Link Starbureiy liked how that color [RGB:255,0,100] (I call it watermelon🍉) looked on the design of the UUelcome Matte (and for the matching letter p's😉).

+ Pink poems are reports that fulfill the LES prerogative - utilization of defensive disclosure, whereby such publications become prior art upon forfeiture of patent application code (in the public domain).

+ Pinks share a common gameplay directive with Lnq's bubblegum.


Each hash [function] (#) is a declarable datum, plus an operator* on that datum.Each thread indexes (table, ie., 'playlist') a specific hash. Spots behave as the operators in this case. (see also patch, flageolet pencil, UUhistlegrass)


The tutti ("all together" or "recombination") is a responsive heatmapping of all cryptographical kernel components [stereotypography, operation, integer asymptotics, and ludology (SOIL) hashes] onto the libretto. (see also puzzle)
Function map: tuttiUUhistlegrass


Toonage (truncation of 'cartoonage'*) is the diction given to the chronology of cassette releases [lyric seasons of the gameshow] called toons. Tuning standardizes ornamentation libraries + patchwork (and, furthermore, hashing). Toons themselves are individually/inductively ordered (n + 1), but because it is feasible for two (2) or more to be confluenced, offered is a finitary
Naming convention
Toonage is marked using the following standard alphanumeric:

Toonxx.nn[]# - where "xx" identifies the port, nn is the pencil count, the brackets [] carry the weight, and the addendum, #, is the episode (as an integer).Wordplay, but should be taken here like 'fine-tuning' (cf., musical tuning). Implies stereotyping on paper. (see also meshroom, opus, mixtape)

Note (+): Standardization principally validates file hierarchy.


A meter signature (autograph) is the top-level libretto authentication/or as a medium of trust (for conduction).
[Do not confuse with key signature, time signature.]

Because each opus has a finite ¢ent value associated with its image, only a certain number of ¢ents can be allocated to a signee (ie., juker). Such game logic (cassette + certificate + token) designation requires genuine digital validation/verification from the impresario* before or so that the transaction can be approved for decryption or encryption (known as securing🔒). Otherwise, a user can hypothetically create counterfeit MONEY - hijack the platform to forge proof - which is fraudulent and disallowed.Link Starbureiy

Note (+): Signatures, manifested in tutti progression, are ultimately a means for reducing rotisserie stress.

As a further control method, this data is defaulted to the ledger (as public information).
Function map: patchy-proofcassettesignatureUUelcome


Broadly, a cassette is a mobile encode element (module) invoking loading. More specifically, a cassette refers to a discrete batch* (of libraries) that, when ported, becomes threadable. Cassettes function as cybernetic buffers; they run algorithms for site-specific recombination.Ordered via toonage. (compare gene cassette, see also mixtape)

Note (+): Each build will effectively be a comprehensive, updated, and ready-to-implement edition of the fugue.

Function map: cassetteUUhistlegrass

+EGP Keynote

Inventor: Link Starbureiy

EGP is The Origamic Symphony's keynote, and the calculus of egglepple. [EGP/fruut]
An invention {September 1998} of Link Starbureiy🤓, our cipher is such that kernelized handshakes are integral to l-string frequencies*. Essentially, this means that both yesegalo (flavor generation) and crypto fabrication (primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures) remain asynchronous as long as preimage-image contracts are kept (ie., the tonic will harmonize the brane to the point of closure).EGP is what gets encrypted on(to) algebraic curves.

Note (+): Keeping contracts is the basis of self-synthesis.

Absolutely considered in the analysis are the concepts of integration (loopstring) and differentiation (stews).

+impresario (role)

Specific to UUe, the function of the impresario is jukebox operation (ie., metered orchestra conduction).* Incidentally, impresarial duties include: libretto(composition + arrangement).Kernel runtime is a gameshow.

Note (+): This role permanently, officially, and only belongs to Link Egglepple Starbureiy. The avatar (Lnq), then, is normal.

UUelcome Matte©

As the formal outlier of gameplay mechanics (ie., think "gameboard" - standard board layout for juking), the UUelcome Matte is UUe's interface/jukebox payload manager [for stewniversal augmentation]. (see also Pajamas)