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+Lnq's bubblegum

Lnq's bubblegum is a colloquy applied to the default ballet on UUe's rotisserie. As our entrée, it is a self-contained piece which is assumed to be infeasible.
That opus number is:
with respective tablature/handicap readings: (6¢/$154.88)
Read/spoken🗣: "LS dot thirty-five, brackets sixty-four"

Note (+): The letters 'L' and 'S' are the initials of 'Link Starbureiy'. The leaf, 'L', has weight 12, and the leaf, 'S', has weight 19, for a total of 31 (12 + 19 = 31). The pencil count/number 35 represents March 5 (third month, fifth day), Link's birthday. So, 35 - 2 = 33 remaining pencils at weight = 1 each, and with two (2) of those pencils totaling 31 in weight, the grand weight of the opus/font equals 31 + 33 = 64.

+foam (rotisserie)

(The) foam is our subgroup where l-strings are lissome* (a potential precursor for font assortment); it is the range (a normed vector space) of frets that are all worth no more than twenty-five pennies (1¢ - 25¢) on the rotisserie. (see also ludeiy)The majority (bulk) of all juking probably takes place in the foam, even though no fonts are to be found herein.

Notes (+): + I call it 'foam' because it's a small investment trapping where you can multiply your coupon.

+ As a rule-of-thumb, the more twistor space a string occupies, the more secure🔐 it is.

+penny fret

A penny fret is just that, a one-¢ent (1¢) fret. This fret is a gratis activator. (see also foam, Lnq's bubblegum, quotient load-normalization)


Cybernetics is the control of an automaton's feedback [(u,u)] loop.

Note (+): In our case, the primary automaton is UUe, and its feedback loop is preimage↔image. Therefore, cybernetics is the orchestration of a stable economy; ensuring its fitness.

+Double U economics

Double U economics / United Under Economy logo Double U economics^ (trademark) is the protocol* leveraging The Origamic Symphony to configure the payload by auctioning stews from the portfolio: [recto (EEE) = (micro) through verso (PPP) = (macro)], which yield UUe's cryptocommodity.
The fungibility of assets. Inherent in UUe's subject; colloquially called 'twist economics', the 'twist economy', or sewing.
Because in twistor space everything is symmetrical and dyadic (u,u), our economic system (parimutuelcybernetic governance) is reliant on loopstrings having unique logarithmic [¢ent] values. So, structurally, the whole of egglepple is 'united under economy'. (see also pajamas)
In this economy, the house (UUe) will 'purse' parimutuelly; transactions happen in curvilinear time (T).

Note (+): Funds get recycled♻.

Function map: fiborUUelcometwist economicsPajamas


A rotisserie, or roto, statistically relates ("routes"*) self-contained cache-to-credit functions as defined within some twistor space ||(u,u)||. It exists only to throughput [measure and frame] tokens.A walk directive.

The jukebox hosts a rotisserie in order to instantiate MONEY algorithm activity (read: 'juking'). Rotisseries synthesize parimutuel cycling of the matte (buttons: juke + Stewdio + fugue) so as to benefit jukers [vendors]. In our case, the rotisserie is synonymous with "coupon router" (ie., a hash auction), thereby establishing idempotency.

Note (+): Key words: auction, self-synthesis.


Technically, a jukebox is an automaton hosting a rotisserie.

Pertaining to UUe, our tokens are the primary operatives, while the assets are stews. Stewniversally, TOS-compatibility* is required for Cryptoquotient normalization. (see also juke, juking, juker, United Under Economy)
Stew sorting and choreography is necessary to mesh ¢ents.

UUelcome Matte©

As the formal outlier of gameplay mechanics (ie., think "gameboard" - standard board layout for juking), the UUelcome Matte is UUe's interface/jukebox content manager [for stewniversal augmentation]. (see also Pajamas)