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Broadly, a cassette is a mobile encode element (module) invoking loading. More specifically, a cassette refers to a discrete batch* (of libraries) that, when ported, becomes streamable.** Ordered via toonage.

Cassettes function as cybernetic buffers; nodally they run prints for site-specific recombination. (compare gene cassette, see also mixtape)
/// Each build is a comprehensive, updated, and ready-to-implement edition of UUelcome (Q♯🎶 score + drivers). It is anticpated that the file should continously grow in size.
Function map: cassetteUUelcome

+hash opera

Hash opera is a type of opera whose program (score/libretto) is hashed (#) inductively [ie. stream* = batch of threads].** Continuity is assumed at inflection points. Hashing ensures recycling of impressions generated by frame arrangement (ie. pay for itself). (For example Easter, see soap opera, opera ludo)
/// +'Hash opera' was both coined and invented by 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy🤓, as an organic movement of his recital.
+Hash operas tend to be unusually long due to the fact that streaming rewards quantity (duration).