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+Egglepple: Unfolded

+a survey of polynomial-time algorithms

+an introduction to toy theory

sketch: when considering sets with warped elements or those having similar components with unramified locales, the easiest way to perform any pertinent analysis is with a toy theory. Doing so simplifies both locally and globally melodic scales. We introduce the theory of toys as a new tool for mathematics with clopen properties.


sketch: what is referred to as 'dark matter' in the Universe may actually be an effect of quantum components of a probability cloud bouncing holographically. In theory, holobouncing - or holographic bouncing - satisfies quantum mechanical distribution, and may explain why color is - in the physical sense.

+UUelcome Editions

UUelcome Editions was the original name of what is now known as UUhistlegrass. (see also UUelcome, UUelcome Matte, UUhistlegrass)

UUe Charter©


Toonage (truncation of 'cartoonage'*) is the diction given to the chronology of cassette releases [lyric seasons of measured poems] called toons. Tuning assists heatmap patching/kernel standardization (and, furthermore, hashing). Toons themselves are individually/inductively ordered (n + 1), but because it is feasible for two (2) or more to be confluenced, offered is a finitary
Wordplay, but should be taken here like 'fine-tuning' (cf., musical tuning). Implies stereotyping on paper.

Note (+): Standardization principally validates file hierarchy.

Naming convention
Toonage is marked using the following standard alphanumeric:

Toonxx.nn[]# - where "xx" identifies the port, nn is the pencil count, the brackets [] carry the weight, and the addendum, #, is the episode (as an integer). Patches exist in case there is more than one (1) variation of the same toon, and themselves can be a cardinals, letters, or some combination of both [alphabetized up to the letter Z (number 26)]. (see also meshroom, opus, mixtape)

+Lnq's Starting Five

Composer: Link Starbureiy
Lnq's Starting Five, Link Starbureiy's Starting Five, or LS5 refers to the mathemusical quintet (5-stack) ensemble - having originated with and prepared by him - that shape his repertoire* (other works aside). They are (in no particular order): The Origamic Symphony (symphony), Stewart (opera), Mathilda (ballet suite), RONALD (oratorio), and UUallet (concerto). These compositions are UUe-specific [kernel dependencies], scored for egglepple, and digested on uuhistlegrass. (see also creatures, developus, Lnq's bubblegum, swoon, touch-and-go, UUelcome)Main/primary arrangement program which are material for conducting twist economics.

Notes (+): + The 'starting five' is an athletic reference to team sports in which teams (of at least five players) will begin a game or match with their/its decided starters on deck.

+ Puwun is Link Starbureiy's muse (akin to a sixth man/woman - first off the bench, so to speak).


A kernel patch is an ephemeral - and typically incremental - permutation to some distributed cassette. Patches help calibrate stew choreography (with inflection point controlling), and are iterated hashes on the ledger+tuner; hence, patches are bundling objects.
Included in the patchwork pipe is the prepatch ('prep'), which is a pre-release of an official/actual compile. These usually will highlight new objects that need to be tested before committing to a stable (release). (see also toonage, bubblegum)


Author: Link Starbureiy
Copyright: ISSN 2165-6738

Fugue-conducive, UUhistlegrass is the libretto [folio of looseleaf* hashes] feeding Link Starbureiy's repertoire. It is UUe's portable runtime: behaving simultaneously as our ledger for transactions (ie., token-tracing) which declare strategies, and as Lnq's gameshow flowchart where his soliloquy (recital) is scored + digested.Transient sheets

Note (+): + All UUe activity is recorded on the ledger, however, some entries - like miscellany (#miscellany) and blurb (#blurb) - may be excluded from archiving, which catalogues Link Starbureiy's compositions/signatures. Executables are filed under #libretto, articles (eg. 'papers') under #article.

+ This libretto [essentially a cartridge of individual compiles (cassettes) that are organized by ephemera (hash)] corresponds to a logfile. To a degree, it may be likened to sheet music, or the dopesheet in traditional animation. (see also Lnq's Starting Five)

+ The contents of these documents may meet basic disclosure/transparency requirements as codified by federal law and referential scholarship. Additionally, they fulfill specific accounting standards as promulgated by certain preservation ordinances.

UUhistlegrass has a permanent record with the Library of Congress in the United States of America, as through an issued International Standard Serial Number (ISSN).
//: ISSN 2165-6738
Furthermore, that same record is catalogued by WorldCat with the following catalog number: OCLC 774054633

The UUe

Author: Link Starbureiy
The UUe is a thesis authored by Link Starbureiy that discusses topics about cybernetics from a juking perspective. Using the UUe jukebox as the exemplary appliance while at the same time drawing largely on personal experience (it is written in a non-neutral, first-person voice), the article (plus any companion media, such as models and simulacra architecture) explicitly entails* concepts and a vision for the so-called cyborg. (see also RE, E2, developus, Cyborg Movement, Juke Lemma)Its main achievement purports to (re)solve the Juke Lemma.

Note (+): Published under UUhistlegrass.

The UUe approaches cybernetics on two (2) fronts. On one front, it demonstrates how to use the game (juking) for optimizing ludology. On the other front, it expands - as a byproduct - on a core outline of essentials for economic fitness (per cybernetic governance).

My predisposition is, in fact, largely personal. I was careless and sloppy with my body in my twenties and got injured often. That led to me designing a costume that could regulate my health. I figured the best way to manage all of these (incoming) changes would be to not to do it locally (too much work), but delegate globally instead. Rather than just working on myself (cyborg), it seems easier to become to the central part of cybernetic environment with all parts contributing to 'the body', so to speak.

The UUe assumes that cybernetics is a requisite to having the Pajamas be a completely autonomous system, and hence, cybernetics (governance) are imperative for scalable subject input. To that end, one ambition is to have absolute kernel usage compliancy.


Broadly, a cassette is a mobile encode (library) element invoking payload sequencing. More specifically, a cassette refers to a discrete batch* (of uuhistlegrass) that, when ported, becomes extensible. Cassettes function as cybernetic buffers; they run algorithms for site-specific recombination. (compare gene cassette, see also mixtape)Ordered via toonage.

Note (+): Each album will effectively be a comprehensive, patched, and ready-to-implement edition of the runtime (whose build will then relay the print job).

Function map: cassetteUUhistlegrass


UUelcome* is Lnq's fugue [exposition + development + recapitulation (of egglepple)]. This is the kernel payload (whole heap of motifs) [uue/: (fibor = MONEY^/bubblegum/ludeiy)], run upon juking, recited with game logic, and readied for porting. (see also Juke Lemma, UUhistlegrass, UUelcome Matte)Not to be mistaken for the gameshow, UUelcome. To include fonts.

Note (+): (vocabulary) To a large respect, the word is a portmanteau of 'UUe' and 'chromosome'. If we think of it like in biological terms, then uuelcome has congruence to genome [expressed genetic material].

+ Incentive: once the payload is entirely/fully sequenced, any mesh should become stereotypical.👍

Before I settled on the name 'UUelcome', I had given serious consideration to calling it 'fun:musicbook'. My vision was that it was always going to be an album of some sort of music (in this case, mathemusic).

Function map: opusuuelcomepajamas

UUelcome Matte©

As the formal outlier of gameplay mechanics (ie., think "gameboard" - standard board layout for juking), the UUelcome Matte is UUe's interface/jukebox content manager [for stewniversal augmentation]. (see also Pajamas)