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Per some given opus or its respective game, a multiplier is the cost of a token as a multiple of each session that that token affords. (see playoff, carrot🥕, sticker)
/// In gameplay, multipliers are used to help cover spreads.
For instance, using 🧑🏿lnq's bubblegum as an example, where we have a 6¢ fret, if one wanted ten (10) minutes* worth of tokens, that comes at a price of 6¢ × 10 = $0.60.** 1 token ≈ 1 minute


A playoff is an open (ie. competitive game or series of games of skill between pro-am teams* involving improvisation) in which coupon partitioning is parlayed with a purse [high-score wins🏆].** A team can be an individual (solo) representation. (see jukepot, Black-and-White, treble, token, sport, sticker)
/// Purse-wise, house fees (ruin) are kept at a minimum in tournament mode. The ruin [remainder] is deducted from tiered winnings (depending on number of entrants -- first place🥇: 50 - 100% (one entrant gets whole thing, 1+ gets half -- aka 'break even'), so house takes deductible of balance 0 - 50%) [ceiling] plus processor [floor] (= fees tallied from tokens, compliance (ie. tax), or some combination of both). The eventuality is that the winner's share will gradually increase to one-hundred percent (100%) minus the processor, as more players participate in a game that approaches its complexity.