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(see also cache, hypercurrency, MONEY)


Hypercurrency is ¢ents moved by a vendor (think 'credit'๐Ÿ’ณ). (compare hypocurrency, see also hyperlink, juke tax, ๐Ÿจlnq's walk)

+Starbureiy statistic

Truncated to "StarStat" or casually just "st@t", a Starbureiy statistic is an efficiency* metric calculating a scoring average as the accumulated tally of ¢ents divided by number of tokens used to generate those funds [¢ents/tokens]. It finds utility as the determinant for the credit rating (+worthiness) of a juker, which is an ordering primarily accorded to their ability to make MONEY (ie. greater earnings→lower statistic→bigger spread).The closer to 0, the better. (see also 8 Jersey, Starbureiy certification, smb, +list)




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