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+i nterface

+UUe interface

The UUe interface is a virtual projector of jukespace. It projects a graphical user interface on surfaces (where metaphors are used), a natural user interface in jukespace (à la with goggles), and an i nterface, otherwise. (see also UUelcome Matte)


Lnq's Pajamas (sometimes simply Pajamas or pajamas) - his everyday wear& - is the costume* (sewn from hashes) outfitted as the kernel-to-user interface. Onboard extensibility establishes fitness^.An egglepple receptor. A biological simulacrum. The rationale is that fibor must be woven into a transactor.

Notes (+): The pajamas are a manifestation of kernel dependencies.

This neurally networks (ie., maps&) the payload. Jukebox instancing* utilizes portable, peer-to-peer core batching (ie., cellular nodes on dial)^ for walk-tracing and kernel execution.A type of hyperlinking. Runtime install. Neuron

The range of the orchestra (being essentially the reach of the UUallet, and, hence, the network) is determined organically. Pajamas features the gameshow, UUelcome. Cybernetically, the gear is a set of automata augmenting (ie., stew patchwork) gameplay.(see also Egglepple, everywhere!, BOT)

Note (+): Network growth means that scalability in spacetime complexity is sought. In jukespace, this may be virtual, physical, or hybrid.


+ The pajamas are threaded from fibor and come standard with a jersey (upperbody) and pants (lowerbody).* Accessories [more like organic extensions] include the matte, a crayon, and (some countable number of) a yoyo.As may be the case, the pajamas could be some kind of basic body-fitting onesy undergarment.

Note (+): Extendable, combinations of the outfit's presentation (eg., color scheme, garments, etc.) can be used interchangeably and differ depending on Lnq's preference (for Funshine or Toonlight), activity, and personal taste. For instance, the jersey also doubles as my hammock.

- Ectobrane is two (2) small patches of cybernetic skin (one) affixed to Lnq's left forearm and (the other) his forehead that simultaneously store and activate/deactivate the Ectogear. Each scar is perdurable connective tissue attached to his central nervous system, acting as buttons for interfacing/costume assemblage. The forearm scar is a yoyo generator + dispenser, and the forehead scar calls the Stewdio.

- With his krayon, Lnq can ‘paint*’ anywhere into/onto jukespace.Holographically project the UUelcome Matte's full stack.

- Egglepple’s funbrella* is a versatile parasol☂ that provides him with impenetrable protection from outside elements, and can behave as a (surface-dependent) flotation vehicle.The funbrella is a transformation of the koala krayon. The stylus itself extends and expands to form a prototypical umbrella☔.

- Blown bubbles allow for transvection (whence Lnq is situated within one), letting him float~ around his immediate surrounding geometry.Spooled fibor is attracted to the youngest (most fresh) bubble, unless directed otherwise.
Function map: CryptoquotientUUelcomePajamas

UUelcome Matte©

As the formal outlier of gameplay mechanics (ie., think "gameboard" - standard board layout for juking), the UUelcome Matte is UUe's interface/jukebox content manager [for stewniversal augmentation]. (see also Pajamas)