Apple Dapple redux

In 2014, I unveiled an independent 'numeracy complement to Reading Rainbow's literacy initiative' called Apple Dapple. It was an app (supposedly, when apps were the big news) that lived inside a user's mobile device. Again, this was designed to be a mathematics pedagogical twin for Reading Rainbow's contemporary makeover. Back then I was asking for a substantial sum of money ($2million) to deliver the app to secondary schools across America (just like with Reading Rainbow).

Well, that was years ago. The app went into hibernation, ..and some other stuff. Now, I've learned a few things here and there about educational marketing (education is the biggest market in the world, especially when it's free), network advertising (ie. renting ad space), and streaming. I'm giving Apple Dapple another go (this time sans coach/teacher April Appleberry, for now, and with a new name - 'ed'*). It's been re-branded from a pure origami platform (the lessons involved using paper-folding to understand trigonometric principles), to a standardized certifications preparation (including training) platform that will sit under my 'edUUe ("ed")' banner. Video🎞 content will be hyperlinked back-and-forth from a YouTube playlist (@LinkStarbureiy [subscribe now]). A student helpdesk utilizes Google Classroom (get a Google Account if you don't already have one). Typically, in today's over-zealous world of timely product launches, people always emphasize how "excited" they are. As any teacher can attest, curriculum planning is hard work, pupils can be rambunctious, and the pay could be better; hardly anything to get too "excited" about. But, I like to win.'ed' is the short form of 'edu'. Since the jukebox is named 'UUe', I thought about branding it 'UUedu', but there is a domain ( that points to a real university, so that was out. I then tried 'edUUe' (and it sounded cool voicing the spelling) before truncating it to just 'ed'.

Note (+): I do not proctor exams.

Realizing that there is lots of competition out there in K-12, college, and vocational training spaces, I'm "curious" to see what kind of a dent I can make this time around. Nothing will be sold. I promised myself that I wouldn't overtax anybody trying to be super-innovative here. -- That's not to say that you can't count on machine learning being a huge factor in threading submitted queries. -- I simply want to see how far libre test preparation - mainly for STEM development / bug bounty programs / mathletics - can go if people know where to look (free or not, an education should pay off). That said, if you want to help out, donate some of your time and/or money. Thanks.


Wish me luck.


  1. I'll just keep streaming test prep questions, answers, and exercises under #UUedu.

  2. The big 'innovation' here comes not from me but from Google, with its Google Classroom system. It'll be put to use on Apple Dapple for teacher-student interactivity, where applicable.

  3. IMPORTANT: This is just for preparation, not proctoring.


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