lnq 👨🏿‍🦱: 'The Detective' reboot greenlit

'The Detective' reboot greenlit

The seventh installment of the original The Detective series is officially in pre-production/post-announcement stages. Recording is to commence in the Spring (March/April) of 2018, with a tentative Easter 2019 release date.

The movie, with a working title of '"Die hard, John McClane."', is based (in part) on the ballet, Easter by Link Starbureiy (+source characters by Roderick Thorp), and will be shot on location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The usual suspects and others who hopefully will/may reprise their respective roles from previous installments in the franchise. 20th Century Fox might have (first) billing to distribute the picture during any international theatrical run.

Notes (+): +This movie bears no relation to other announced so-called Die Hard projects, namely, Die Hard: Year One (Wiseman) or respective video game titles.

+Information here is speculative and subject to change.