🎭'Ethel Porst' in Easter

Ethel, Egg's girlfriend[description:= White female, 25-30 years /// character:= her relationship is tricky, as she is romantically involved with an always on-call operative, but it's relatively new and she is patient, an actuary by trade]
Newcomer, Laura Stetman[i], has been cast as Ethel Porst in my opera, Easter. Ethel starts out as a bit character in the piece, but as it progresses, so does the importance of her role.

At one point early-on, I wanted Stetman to play a young version of Palm (aka Karen) in the flashback scenes of Die, Detective! (the first chord), but that idea was soon discarded after further thought and factoring in a few details. The younger Ms. Gennaro's story must be told, as it is essential in understanding the character arc of Joe Leland, but the realization I had when writing her was that, since Easter is peppered with (the notion of) premonition - where Joey Leland is the ultimate sufferer of déjà rêvé, there would be an inevitable revisit of a guy named 'Leland' who is delicately balancing work and an intense amorous relationship.

Ethel Porst is a young professional in the Washington, DC area. She very much enjoys her job as an actuary for the federal government, yet can't seem to shake the feeling of not being able to fit in with the local culture of the District. Is it because she is a tried-and-true small-town Southern belle from Wickliffe, Kentucky? Is she just too serious for her own good? Will her personality and uniform upbringing yield to the necessary multi-cultural and ethic shifts that the DC area demands? These are questions she asks herself five days a week. The other two days, she finds herself wrestling with the make believe bliss of being in a relationship with Egg (Joey Leland), who, on paper looks like a great match. In reality, his job as a field operative of a prominent intelligence agency is leaving him weary, distrusting, and second-guessing his ability to devote the right amount of time to their romance. She shares similar concerns, but, at her age (28), there's a glaring truth that being single and having to start over again sucks. So, she is patient.