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+curl (route)

+choreo graph


A thread-inflection point (tip) is some type of post impression. Put another way, a tip (as weight) is payment* for a recompute (resulting in a change of topology at an inflection point) of a string.'Monetization of frames'. (see also ear, Double U economics, expression, UUallet, residue)

Note (+): The exercise of tipping usually comes in the form of pay-per-post.


A route is some deterministic walk into any number of coverage(s).

Note (+): This is not a contradiction. It is deterministic in the sense that all variables are (pre)set, and have no bearing on future states.

UUe Slalom🎿

UUe Billiards🎱

UUe Golf⛳🏌🏿

UUe Cycling

UUe Up

UUe Disc

UUe Handball

UUe Dodgeball

UUe Rugby🏉

UUe Cricket🏏

UUe Volleyball🏐

UUe Skate

UUe Baseball⚾

UUe Tennis🎾🏓🏸

UUe Football🏈

UUe Soccer⚽🥅