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+cybernetic governance

Instigator: 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy
Cybernetic governance (cygov) is the open over-the-counter auction (courtesy of some automaton@) for perpetuating quotient normalization.@@ A jukebox, namely UUe.
/// +Keep in mind that cygov is simultaneously kinetic and ephemeral. The purpose of this auction is to induce entropy ('clock'⏱) via token sessions and timestamps.
+Any parimutuel system will relate dyads. What makes it technically cybernetic in this case is that the dyad [(a.) currency generation(b.) energy cost] is homologically conjoined endpoints comprising a feedback loop.

It posits that because governance is inherently insecure (ie. spreads are not uniformly covered -- tax coding is theoretically organic and morphometric), but can be eased quantitatively, the optimal path to security🔐 is with decentralized (ie. unsupervised/automated parameters of a high-dimensional sparsity) dyadically-idempotent products (ie. swap any and all currencies based against the ¢ent) which are backed by proof-of-work. It is suggested that this be done via a utility where energy cost recovery is a recursive function of compliance [argument: all nodes benefit from excise* distribution].** The product/good is fibor. This is a cryptocurrent tax (ie. derivative revenue collected) in scenarios of regulatory convertibility.

Cygov exploits the system (ie. some world-scaling game engine to develop/update civics^ on a brane, then juking that brane within a loop cycle) of solving organic puzzles🧩 / run games (itself being a game) efficiently (ie. fair budget controlled by/with credit scoring ["reputation"]).^^ forking via public/organic (ie. with promotion and relegation) call-and-response, as opposed to politics (ie. presumptuous)
/// +definition: government/governance = civil compliance (ie. taxation applied to civic structures)
+Self-driving is dependent on cameras + behavioral cloning (/fleet learning).

"Game the world. Whoever adopts the tax wins the game."🎮🌍 - 🧑🏿Link Starbureiy

Cygov theatrics span validating✔ the formula of cryptocommodity. This is a playoff between fiat (government-issued) currencies and their crypto (proof-of-work) counterparts, which could, in theory, make MONEY (universally) parimutuel (ie. hyperhypo). To accomplish this would take either a treasuries decree converting non-cybernetic governance instances at the revenue level (with UUe as the house), or extremally large-scale mass participation (in terms of its mobile network's nodal saturation) in a heterotic container consisting of a virtual economy from which seigniorage - as an excise [Classified as a deductible] - subsidizes utilities. Both can be pursued simultaneously where cellular automation handles an elastic deposit scheduler. (see non-cybernetic government, DUCK🦆, u-u economics)
/// The idea behind the heterosis is that virtuality affords freedom of activity as well as intrinsic transaction, however, the platformer (governing body) bills according to grid usage (compliance). -- A zero-sum game (ie. nobody loses; everyone's needs are met).
Function map: parimutuelquotient normalizationcybernetic governance


(see sticker, stamp, mesh, touch-and-go, juke notation, fibor, hash, mathematical model)

+mathematical model