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In juking, a clone is a performer having common ancestry with ๐Ÿจlnq (:host) in BOT-hierarchy (either at the root, trunk, branch, or leaf levels). (see also yots, toy)
/// The idea behind the terminology is that because ๐Ÿจlnq's logic is to juke, other servermates perform identical functions.

+The Juker


A juker's wage is the tally of cents (after any applicable taxes) accumulated from their participation in a completed opus.


(see also tip)


A juker (from 'juke server' [server]*) acts as the coordinator in folding loopstring (among other types of braneware). Essentially, a juker is a resource ("trainer") which uses a jukebox [client] for iterative transactions.++Its role is to assist in proofing QQ. Generally-speaking, the juker is a clone whose privilege supersedes that of player but not the impresario within juking ludology.A runtime node.
/// Jukers - as contractors - are considered the 'orchestra' to The Origamic Symphony. In UUe-talk, the juker (a type of puzzler🧩)'s objective is to devise and/or apply patches, thereby directly contributing to the fitness of the jukebox. This means that a juker's role lies in the generation of walks (pitch establishment) as it pertains to sourcing their own tokens. Jukers are rewarded according to rules set forth by the UUelcome License. (see also Black and White, clone, ๐ŸฅšEgghead, juker's ruin)




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No registration necessary;
email or phone#/SMS for payouts🧀💸.


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