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UUe.i is an artificially intelligent preimage-image compositor ["pic"] native to crowd computing. It is essentially an animation (the interpolation of frames over a finite period of time) program used to train (via machine learning algorithms) the jukebox, UUe. (not to be confused with UUe interface, Pink program)

+apple dapple

It turns out that the world is little more than the permutation of string. What we call mathematics is actually just the graphing of such patterns. Still, however it sounds, people in general are having difficulty making sense of it all. Some believe the barrier is psychological, while others think that it's just a matter of instruction.

Origami (convertible geometry) is considered a best practice for demonstrating both number + angle.

Studies indicate that the teaching of mathematics is most effective at two stages. The first stage is when students are between the ages of 8-11 (roughly grades 3-5). This is when the mind is best able to correlate shapes with their movement in space, and also when quantitative comprehension kicks in.

The second stage happens between the ages of 16-17 (roughly grades 10 and 11). At this age, people are better able to understand the application of equations, make numerical distinctions, and are at the prime of their (mental) coordination.

What happens from ages 12-15 is usually chalked up to two factors:
1. rapid changes in the human body (ironically, kids become more exhausted), and
2. transitioning of curriculum structure (i.e., going from elementary to high school)

The latter is usually attributed to having both more subjects being taught and a focus on more teachers (per those subjects). In the midst of all this, it is typical of a child to become cynical; asking the age-old question: "When am I ever going to use this, anyway?". The answer, of course, is that you use mathematics every day.

Unfortunately, the United States has a poor showing to the rest of the world (over 150+ countries studied) when it comes to graduating students who then move on to utilizing their math skills for earning potential.

American students who participate in math/science olympiads are still in the top tier.

This is a direct factor stemming from a compulsory education. But, of course, something becomes exponentially more interesting when patterns are understood and applications are observed. A deduction can be made that a lack of understanding yields a lack of interest. Numerous attempts have been made over time to make mathematics (and general education, overall) more enticing, with little to show for it. However, we have evidence where high-technology (integration) has mitigated many of the errors found in traditional schooling.

One argument as to why homeschooling is so effective is that there is an abundance of attention placed by one trusted person on the progress and wellness of an individual learner, who in turn and without restriction, is able to advance at their own pace - usually faster than their public school peers. The key here is that it's just one (1) teacher for most/all subjects.

Today's marketplace is replete with products and programs aimed at school children that promise to take subjects and make them fun. Almost all of these dutifully incorporate some component of high-technology. Most are marketed as toys. Yet, hardly any that were researched involve another human being in the tutorials.

From an historical perspective, we saw what programs like Reading Rainbow and Mr. Wizard were able to do successfully for decades in the domains of literacy and science.


Following these lines, our solution is to offer the human element in a high-tech item of play where mathematics is of primary concern.

Apple Dapple may be thought of as the numeracy supplement to Reading Rainbow.

The math app plugs the age gaps (4-7) and (12-15). It is designed to meet students and educators wherever they call the classroom. Featuring April Appleberry (inspired by kindergarten teacher Sidney S.) as our coach, the app engages students by giving them a single instructor in their topical education from pre-school and beyond.

Pupils have direct access to the jukebox to explore the topics at-hand. The offering's range spans eight (8) basic-to-advanced origami modules* presented in a digital domain.

A module is a comprehensive lesson plan that includes guided video content and printable worksheets.

+ Syllabus
Available: Spring 2016
Platform: Web/Mobile
Publisher: LES
Count: 8 modules

+ Features
- on-demand direction from Ms. Appleberry
- more than 300 specimens included in the library
- built-in gamification (rewards) engine
- parental dashboad

+ Accessibility
- The developer believes this app meets accessibility requirements for ease of use.

+ Language - English (American)
Fundraising Goal: $12,000
+ Hedging is the practice of using companion funds to offset risk. Certain opuses have financial demands that must be supplemented with hedges. The process of hedging is tasked through pledging (item purchase) or gifting (donation). This prospectus page has a built-in checkout procedure allowing for either shopping or eleemosynary.

- Children are consuming information these days at a substantially faster pace than those before them. For that reason alone, it's imperative that both the learner and educator stay nimble.

The biggest component of the app is the need for hosting/storage space in the cloud. What is being hosted are user accounts (predicted to be on the order of 105 <), and all the holographic data related to those accounts. This is expensive, mainly because holograms are huge files, and I anticipate new software having to be written in order to accommodate them. Piggybacking off of a third-party provider - while cheaper in theory, simply isn't possible at this time because the option doesn't exist. Therefore, I'll have to devise and manage a dedicated container where I can determine pricing (eventually at zero cost).

Information should be as accessible as possible. An education may not be free, but should definitely pay off. In order to realize the goal of preparing the next generation of folders and doers, we offer Apple Dapple at a small, yet reasonable price. Your purchase(s) enable(s) fundraising goals to be met that much more quickly.

+ To make this thing pop, I need you to shop!

- $10 – Thank you for your pledge, and thus taking an important step in helping bring Apple Dapple to life. You have the gratitude of myself and many school children.

+ Pledge

- $20 – Apple Dapple (app) – as soon as it's ready, you'll get it. Apple Dapple comes to your device, and goes with you anywhere. Enjoy! [Delivery: April 2016]

+ Pre-order Apple Dapple

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- $100Christmas Chat – let's talk, face-to-face .. Christmas Day .. for a few minutes. The time is brief, but I'm looking forward to greeting my backers. (Apple Dapple app included)

You'll be given details on how the VoIP will work via e-mail shortly after confirmation.

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+ Donate

Pure donations without an expectation of return are known as gifts. Volunteered securities that are to be added to the Trust may also be accepted. To arrange for the transfer of stocks you hold, please refer your broker to the following contact information. -- It is imperative that you have the name of shares, amount of those shares, CUSIP number, date-of-transfer, and the fair market value of those securities on the date-of-transfer included for making this transaction.

Donating parties should report the following on their tax form:
United Under Economy, EIN: 27-2533054

Pre-purchase notes:
> You can pre-order select items through the checkout API. Doing so will immediately charge your bank processor.

When you pre-order an item, you are guaranteed a format of that version (and whatever incentives were promised) on or before the release date. No refunds or exchanges will be offered.

> To place an order, follow these steps:
1. Select the green checkout API button (example: + Checkout) and follow the instructional prompts.
2. After your selection is made, your information (name, item, payment information, etc.) is added to a server-side database. You are charged for the item immediately.