Marc John Jefferies to play🎭 'Roscoe' in Easter

Marc John Jefferies to play RoscoeActor Marc John Jefferies[1], of Losing Isaiah (1995) fame, is confirmed to play Derby 'Roscoe' Curran, the mid-Atlantic's most notorious gangster in my opera, Easter, starting with Die, Detective!, and beyond. For those of us wondering how Jefferies went from toddler to on-screen gangster, simply review his body of work in the past twenty (20)-plus years. Today, he's a busy working actor in addition to teaching acting classes. There's a lot to be said for people who continuously strive to improve their craft.

"It's never enough to be one step ahead; you have to stay in-stride. Do the math. I'm the theta in the equation; they weren't expecting me." - Roscoe

What stood out for me was his swag as QDub in season two (2) of the acclaimed 50 Cent-produced television show, Power. The writing for that show is phenomenal (and speaks for itself, especially that season), but the cast is equally as gifted. QDub - a street hustler - was a recurring character, and John Jefferies' portrayal was as believable as they come.

You'll notice that Power has a lot of subliminal representation in Die, Detective!. I mentioned this elsewhere, but I wrote Fer based off, in part, of Curtis Jackson's portrayal of Kanan in that series. The ideation came from trying to answer the question of what somebody with strong inner-city ties would seem like if placed in one of W.E.B. Griffin's Badge of Honor books. I suspect that if intelligently done, they'd be more than a handful for even a large police department.

While there is no 50 Cent to anchor him here, that's of no concern because John Jefferies is seasoned enough to hold the mantle himself and carry this heavyweight role that is Roscoe. In creating the character, who is a major stress-point for the Coast Guard Investigative Service, what was needed was someone who was smart, always one (1) step ahead; I didn't want a typical gang-banger who would be headed for the inevitable typical gang-banger demise. Roscoe has intimate knowledge of how policing works because he was a graduate of the police academy (even insofar as being recruited by the Philadelphia Police Department). Here we have a criminal who takes his dealings seriously. Efficient and loaded with goals and ambition, Roscoe is a long-term planner, but we come to find out that his past holds his Achilles heel and is the very thing that he actually can't avoid.