🎭Ric Flair in Easter

Ric Flair, world champion wrestling legend with a strange connection to Pascha[description:= White male, 70s years /// character:= athletic, brash, family man]
Ric Flair set to be featured in Easter:Die, Detective! Wrestling superstar, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, will feature in a series of short adverts ('Easter eggs') for the prelude to my opera, Easter. Flair, in addition to producing the segment, will star as himself, narrating portions of the overture in the company of Fer over a toast of Brown Hue, a fictional brand of huckleberry-flavored rum, which is Pascha's favorite drink in the storyline. (Drink responsibly.🥃)

Eight (8) sixty-second adverts (representing the Octave of Easter 'tones') are planned in the series. One (1) advert at a time will be released the middle of every other month on schedule when they're ready.