First Lady Sweepstakes

The First Lady Sweepstakes♥ are now open!

As you know, I am running (because it's easier than walking) for President of the United States this 2016 cycle as a write-in candidate. But, I'm missing something in all of this, .. my First Lady. Can that be you?

The polls are wide open right now, ready for you to make your selection as to who you want to lead this country. In the meantime, also keep in mind that you have a very real chance at being part of history yourself - and in an important capacity, but it's something that we'll have to do together. Being First Lady (FL) in any scenario can be a big responsibility, so only women who can surely carry themselves in a decent manner need consider.

The rules are as follows:
- you must be an unwed female American🇺🇸 citizen, and
- vote for me🗳

That's it! I anticipate doing things a little differently from top-to-bottom, so America's First Ladies under my presidency will have a chance to seriously showcase the causes they care deeply about, bringing their womanly touch to the daily grind. I expect to afford a number of women the opportunity to represent her country; probably switching FLs every few months or so. That means, ahem!, that more than one applicant/voter will fill the position (over time).

Good luck!




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