Link Egglepple Starbureiy (Lnq) sticker

This election (2016), make it easier for you to cast your vote for me as a write-in candidate by pasting a sticker of my motif image to your ballot. Here is the image for you to grab:

- just get a sticker printer (my favorite at the moment:, upload the image, print the image, and voila!, out pops a stickie🙃. Lastly, of course, you'll need to put it on the line where it reads: "Write-in". This is/would be in lieu of writing out my name 'Link Starbureiy'.


Note (+): I prefer that you actually write in my name ('Link Starbureiy'), either as a standalone, or beside the sticker. This ensures that the ballot readers know and understand (and tally!) who it is you are voting for.


$1 /game

Input username + contest(s):