no-go for Missoula Foodbank

The MFB ED made the decision today not to participate in a case study because juking feels like gambling.😔 I'm afraid this sentiment might be shared by other social programs and their respective organizations who interface with underprivileged persons.

This (that 'feeling' of gambling) is something that I have to address more directly. From my point of view, I'm informing everyone that improvisation is what distinguishes juking from gaming; the ability to tweak the outcome so that it must conform to the handicap, thus, always allowing for a juker to earn/profit. For some reason, this hasn't always come across cleanly to some people, even some really smart people.

I do, however, respect the ED's choice of it also being a matter of not bringing a non-profit organization to house a commercial product. Licensure aside, it could be misconstrued as a conflict of interest. Thanks, anyway.

There's got to be a reasonable way to get huge numbers of people involved so that I can exploit their (mobile) processors. Back to the drawing board.




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