responsive versus adaptive design

Mark this.

The decision to stay within the full-spectrum of viewing for mobile and other form factor visitors has been made. I'm a believer in beautiful design, and that beautiful content needs to be seen to be appreciated.

I designed (and for that matter, to have a uniform look and feel across the Web. This means that I designed one (1) basic site to be viewed on any kind of device. The rationale is simple: today's mobile versions of web objects suck - be it tragic considering that the pixelation of these devices is dramatically increasing with each new release, and the notion of mobile implies that you can take content with you anywhere.

That said, I'm putting my trust in screen resolutions which are responsive to modern devices, as opposed to designing adaptive versions of the same thing to accommodate users who are too lazy to view a site in full mode.

My suggestion (if you are a mobile visitor) is to turn-off 'mobile version', and open the site in 'desktop mode'. Thanks.




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