expediting Opus Solve

So, I ask myself, "Why give these Problems two (2) months time, per?". I rationalize that these things are calculable, and shouldn't take that long if I'm right.

I've gotten rid of the deadlines for each Problem, and will just go ahead and deliver results as they come. That being said, I still expect the Problems to be dealt with in a timely fashion, and certainly wrapped up by October 31, 2016. Since this is a matter of computational resourcing (essentially, distributed computing), my main focus (aside from problem-solving) is laying the framework so that I can prove results. All this is to say that the greater in number the participants (whether those actors are computers or people) are - bundled with their involvement, the easier resolving the Problems become. [i.e., my new focus is now on money (underwriting), and not time.]

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