lnq 👨🏿‍🦱: Opus Solve roadshow has begun

Opus Solve roadshow has begun

The roadshow for Opus Solve is live. The roadshow lasts through October until the opus commences at the start of this November (2015).

Opus Solve is an attempt to bring resolution to the remaining six (6) Millennium Prize Problems in mathematics (there were originally seven) sponsored by the Clay Mathematics Institute. To date, only one (1) of the Problems has been satisfactorily proven (Poincaré conjecture, by Grigori Perelman), leaving the other six up for grabs.

The best part of this approach is that we are establishing a clear deadline for the solution to each Problem (2 - 12 min./max. months). This will bring a plenitude of IQ to bear on them, as we know the rewards from CMI ($1million/each) are great.

This roadshow is a fundraising vehicle; we are hoping to raise $60,000 (~1% of the aggregated total). So, here's to a brighter future in mathematics.

http://solve.uuelco.me (permalink: http://www.uuelco.me/1979/03/opus-solve.html)