$6million Man

It's heading into the last third of the month of October, meaning that it's less than two (2) weeks away from the start of Opus Solve. Of course, Opus Solve lasts (on paper) for a year (twelve months), but I would think that mathematicians from the community would be super-excited by now. If they are, they surely aren't showing it with visits to the page and/or underwriting the project.

I can't stress enough the importance of Opus Solve for theoreticians worldwide. Clay Mathematics Institute selected these problems drawn from a consensus, so yes, they matter. As it stands today (10/20/2015), there's been little activity in terms of feedback for the roadshow. That's not the worst thing in the world, but let's not forget that these Problems come with a reward of $1million each. If I have to go this alone, then you can be guaranteed that I will claim the entire bounty ($6million) for myself! (just a lil' nerdy threat there. ;)

More information will be added to the pages the closer we get to November 2, 2015. I'll also send out more e-mail(s), post more bulletins across the Web, and maybe post a video on my YouTube channel as a reminder (keep in mind that YouTube Gaming will be used for this project).




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