advancing the Millennium Prize Problems with Apple Dapple

It appears as though there hasn't been any real progress on Yang-Mills (mass gap) in over a decade (since 2004).  This problem, as well as the other five (5) [unresolved] problems known collectively as the Millenium Prize Problems (Clay), offer a reward of $1million for a solution that stands after two (2) years of scrutiny.  I imagine part of the bearing is that there is so much other fun stuff to work on in applied math, that pure math doesn't get the attention that it deserves.

I wonder what would happen if and when the bounty (or a percentage thereof) is matched and participants are actually given a deadline (?).  This is to say that if enough monies were raised with specific goals, would a crowdfund be the vehicle to expedite progress?  Only one way to find out; I'm initiating a crowdfunding campaign. .. but not for the Millennium Problems.  Instead, I want to focus on my large-scale education initiative, Apple Dapple.

We're looking to raise money and awareness for this on many different fronts, but the pot always boils down to the product, which, in this case, is an investment in the next generation.  We turn to the mathematics community to help sponsor either an individual (pupil) or a school district with the app that is to debut later this year.  So, in order to accomplish this, we'll game the MPP (i.e., put each Problem on an l-string and solve for the variables) full speed ahead.

Beginning February 2015, each Millennium Problem will be given fifty (50) days (approximately seven weeks) of attention, per. Although it is possible to have all of the Problems tackled simultaneously, only one (1) is reported at the end of a work period. This will happen in succession throughout calendar year 2015.

As stated, each Prize is offered at an award of $1million. We seek one-percent (1%) of that total amount.

[($1million x 0.01) x 6 = $60,000)]

This should be enough to supply six (6) school districts with the app.  Any surplus will also be factored.

Our aim here will be to standardize all elements of the remaining six (6) Millennium Prize Problems offered on behalf of the Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI).  These problems present their own subset(s) of potential applications to various string theoretic and computational geometry solutions. Each Problem has - over the years - had subtantial work done on it already, so there is no need to start from scratch. Instead, they can be gamed; a technique that should provide radical insight into what exactly needs to be computed. From there, it's just a matter of patchwork.  Of course, these solutions/standards will be added to the Trust as part of the UUe curriculum.


All solutions are to be published on the UUelcome Matte (ISSN 2165-6738) and archived with the Library of Congress.




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