Opus MAD extraction

Opus MAD is coming along well.  So well, that some of the remaining objectives will have to be extrapolated as to give them their own 'Opus' titles.

MAD stands for MONEY-Apple Dapple; as in the goals were to release a functional payroll program (MONEY: check), and the Apple Dapple curriculum (we recently launched the pre-sale campaign for the app, which is to be marketed this upcoming April).

The other objectives were/are to synthesis the geometries of the "Magnificent Seven" - seven (7) Worldwide Protein Data Bank-catalogued proteins (carboxypeptidase, chymotrypsin, cytochrome, hemoglobin, lactate dehydrogenase, subtilisin, and trypsin). Now, each of these structures will be given their own opus.  I believe this will help speed up the solutions by allowing gamers to pick-and-choose which game(s) they want to partake in, instead of clustering everything under a single umbrella.




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