Expression 3D casting

The instructors on-hand to aid Lnq are the best at what they do. Our trainers provide insightful overviews for gauging your form. Every activity session is optimized with immediate and smart feedback on a performance relative to certain choreo metrics.

Ladia Yates is a popular figure in the dance community, perhaps best known for her footwork, particularly the style of jooking. She has performed alongside Chris Brown, Usher, and Missy Elliot, among others, while being featured in high-traffic music videos, namely Janelle Monae's "Tightrope".
X3D: Lady-A is an astute businesswoman and the unquestioned leader of TeamGreen. She is obsessed with the propagation of Green Houses, but at what cost?

Bela is everyone's favorite tutter. His range spans both arm and finger geometries with precision.
X3D: Strobe is always game for the groove; anywhere he can be of use keeps his energy levels high - and TeamGreen profitable.

Levi Allen is an incomparable mover. His versatility is limited only by his imagination.
X3D: The muted member of TeamGreen, iDummy's skills have evolved to be almost supernatural because of the inclusion of technology into his art. With his "eye for talent", he is able to sense things that most others can't; leaving him with a nagging feeling about this so-called 'Gizmo' legend.

Michael Chambers is a world-renown dancer, famous for introducing the style of boogaloo to pop artist Michael Jackson. Chambers portrayed "Turbo" in the Hollywood movies Breakin' and its sequel Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.
X3D: After three decades of running the Community Center, Shrimp might be ready to call it quits. While others tend to be more numbers-savvy, Shrimp's creativity and knack for marketing may once again save the day.




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