an Apple Dapple app?

With my recent sign-up on Udemy, I'm wondering if there is a market for an app for Apple Dapple (?).

The Udemy site just offers courseware in the form of video, but there may be a need for lite-weight version of the Stewdio geared just towards classroom settings (I keep going back-and-forth with this, and I'm not sure why).

Let's take a look at the postcards from Opus MAD:
You can see that the main point of the app is to generate interest in school districts.  I can't rely on one new site to deliver that at this time (although a good thing is that the next school year cycle won't begin until Summer 2015, so it's fair to anticipate a trajectory in its user base).  It would seem like a supplement is actually requisite.

The education market is the biggest market in the world, especially when it's at fair-cost.  One has to be committed long-term I think to make a substantial impact.

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