Expression (3D) is an app

Okay, a jot for clarity.

Expression is an application; a plug-in for UUe.  There have been some questions regarding the exact constitution of both Expression and its X3D counterpart, which I feel need (more) clarification in writing.

On the plug page, it reads: "Expression amplifies your interfacing with simulacra, naturally.  Using gestures and speech, stew choreography comes to life from the magic of human joysticking. This person-first method dramatically enhances the user's ability to perform the craft in stereo. The reward is a catalogue of automata that evolve your experience."

No, with X3D we are not making a movie for screening in theaters nation-wide.  This is partly due to economics (it costs roughly $2,000 per print, per screen), and partly due to wanting to try something different and new.  We are not necessarily making a video game - although there are massive interactive elements involved.  What we are doing is creating transmedia.

The user should be able to delve into the storyline at any point for reference, help, and playalong.  This is basically it.  All cassettes (the first of which should be released in December 2014) will be made available for further development.  A separate showing of the simulacrum portion may be viewed on the domains: UUe or YouTube/Vimeo.




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