lnq 👨🏿‍🦱: UUelcome Editions is now the UUelcome Matte

UUelcome Editions is now the UUelcome Matte

Since 2011, UUelcome Editions has been known as the journal for deductive enthymeme in accordance with the UUe charter.

This scholarship was placed into three major categories: (1) Creativeering, (2) Imaginatomy, and (3) General studies.  As a sampling, the work successfully outlined things such as the MONEY, .uue format, and the Starbureiy Statistic (StarStat).

While there is still a need for this sort of documentation, it is felt that users can benefit from making runtime elements available.  As a response, UUelcome Editions has been renamed to the UUelcome Matte, and to this end, the UUelcome Matte is a clopen standards library of licensable content that includes all runtime stacks in accordance with UUe.