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Movement is life.
You are the third dimension.

Expression 3D is a fitness application inspired by the cult classic film series, Breakin' (1984).
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Expression 3D is a combined feature film and interactive app based on the artforms made popular in the Breakin' franchise.  As transmedia, it is utilized to exercise stew choreography as a means to further health and wellness.


Set in the world of contemporary performance art, our friend, Booglaloo Shrimp, finds himself pitted against a new antagony of youth and flamboyancy.

Nine year-old Koala is an avid gamer at the expense of just about everything else, especially her health.  As a precaution, she is enrolled by her parents in the local recreation facility.

A respected technologist comes to town with an offer of a big cash reward for the group who can best creatively market his firm's technology to the public at-large. While Shrimp's Turbo Community Center is in dire need of an upgrade, an incredible dance troupe has their own ideas for expansion.

Overview and History

Breakin', and its immediate sequel, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, were smash-hits in the mid-1980s, together grossing $72 million.  The films are considered dancing masterpieces - whose choreography is still the foundation of modern dance.

The series, along with Flashdance  (1983) and Beat Street  (1984), marked a time in American history when children were named the among the fittest in the world.  First Lady Nancy Reagan identified the source directly as" street dancing with Michael Jackson as its inspiration".

Thirty years have passed and much has changed.  Today, American children, even with access to wellness programs and exercise equipment that are rated in the top-tier, are grossly overweight, and in relative poor health.  It is known that obese children become obese adults, and obesity in general lends itself to a slough of unintended health problems (such as diabetes, high blood pressure/hypertension, colon cancer, and arthritis).

Compounding these issues is the fact that most American schoolchildren are not adequately provided with a physical fitness program that meets modern standards; meaning one that mandates interactive entertainment in its curriculum.

The Government has turned to both industry and Hollywood to help mitigate these issues.  Industry has produced video games that prominently feature physical activity with dance and sports.  Hollywood has responded (especially in the last decade) with a slate of movies where dance was/is the main focus.  However, the two have been historically disjoint.  Expression 3D solves this problem by bringing together film and interactive media under a single platform (transmedia).

Starring Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers - who has been hailed (among other accolades) as "the ambassador of dance", Expression 3D is both a feature film and a console-based app created as a complete 'motion picture' in an effort to help motivate fitness.

Expression 3D is equal parts movie + game.  The best part about it, though, is that it is being provided as a free app to schools.

Refreshing such a potent artform for a new generation makes it easy to keep the disadvantages of being unfit a thing of the past.

As an incentive to motivate childhood fitness, this project is endorsed by both the United States' Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Value is a fair trade-off.  Here's a great option for you:
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Discussion (22)
Q: What is the fundraise goal for this project?
A: $1,000,000 U.S.

Q: Is this a sequel to the Breakin' dance movies of the 1980s?
A: No. Expression 3D stands on its own merit. However, it may considered a spiritual successor to those films.
When we say "inspired by Breakin'", we are talking specifically about that franchise being the first to showcase an intersquad dance battle, and, of course, the influence of Boogaloo Shrimp.

Q: Why produce another dance movie?
A: Dancing is great exercise. Like its musical counterpart, dance is part of human culture, and therefore here to stay. Furthermore, dance continues to evolve alongside the evolution of music. We want to express that in modern form. To do this, we are using both film and high-technology as a practicum. A desideratum is to help children and young adults fight obesity head-on.

Our approach with Expression 3D is to actually deliver the app - foremost - while using the movie bit as a means to generate interest for and help offset development costs of the app via potential box office (this is primarily why we're not doing an infomercial). Remember, the objective is to give the app away to as many schools (classrooms) as possible for free (no cost). The result will be a best in-class product.

Q: Is this movie only about dancing?
A: No. Expression 3D features a rich storyline that deals with contemporary real-world issues. This is a family-oriented picture with plenty of angles. Having said that, we couldn't have told this story without it, and frankly, we wouldn't want to.

Q: App-wise, are gamers expected to know or learn breakdancing?
A: No, not at all.  Breakdancing (a style of dancing that originally got its name from the dancing people would do at the breakdown/boogie bridge of a song) is essentially high-level gymnastics, and likely too intensive (not mention dangerous) for most.  Like in the movie, gamers will dance the styles of touch, tap dance, and jooking.  These styles work (in addition to other things) cardio, leg muscles, and the upper body.

Q: Are you holding casting calls and/or auditions?
A: Yes. For the duration of the crowdfund (through September 2014), available talent is welcome to submit relevant materials. It is suggested that all such materials be submitted directly to Link Starbureiy's YouTube channel. Please make a short video introducing yourself with your name and a sample of your work (live action). You should also send a private message (text) containing your location, age, and related work history.

Notice: Before you submit anything, it is suggested that you read over at least one of the scripts below. The following are sample writs that are only meant to gauge your ability to do a read-through. Simply choose a character and assume their voice. These writs, which are about nothing in particular, help both parties understand each other from an artistry standpoint. When you are ready to read, select your writ, assume your character, and record your acting (on camera). Then submit that monologue/dialogue to the above YouTube channel (use of hashtags is appreciated).
Writ #1
Writ #2
Writ #3

Q: What is the most forgotten ingredient in apple pie?
A: Amazingly, cinnamon.

Q: Where is the movie being made?
A: Principal filming will take place on location in Tampa Bay, Florida beginning October/November 2014. Visual and special effects will be done in-house, as well as by local sources.

Q: By what means are you creating an "interactive movie"?
A: If you've ever played a first-person video game, then you're familiar with elements of interactive cinema. Most people think of movies and games as being disparate because gaming requires input, while movie-watching needs zero input. We can argue that society has been moving towards technological and performance integration from the very beginning, and we are now in an age where high-technology has made many things possible.

The app will feature the familiar interface of the Stewdio, combined with an avatar who pantomimes dance styles popularized by our friend, Gizmo. If at some point in the workout the user needs to revisit or study steps, a separate screen can take them to any point in the movie. This puts your entire Expression 3D experience inside a seamless transmedium.

Q: How do I apply for crew or intern positions?
A: Send a direct e-mail to: expression3d@outlook.com with ATTN: Ex3D recrewt in the subject header. Be sure to attach relevant work experience and salary requirements in a separate file.

Positions of interest are computer animators, cinematographers (lighting, camera, etc.), and sound editors.

Note, also, that university students in the State of Florida should check their college recruitment services for postings regarding this project. Schools of interest include: UF, UCF, USF, and Ringling.

Q: Why crowdfund this motion picture?
A: Assuming that the set complement would be to ask why not go through traditional sources, the answer is because when you ask for a lot of money, you tend to get rejected. But, when you ask for modest funds, people respond kindly. Typically, a community will pull resources and commit to something that it wants to see done.

Q: When is the movie's release date?
A: Holiday 2014.

Q: Is the movie going to be in theaters?
A: We hope to have at least a limited engagement, but that squarely depends on how the crowdfund performs in addition to a viable distribution scheme. So, to counter that, we are banking on cloud services (such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, XBox, etc.) as our home video vehicle.

Q: Is the app being made available for Playstation®?
A: Once marketed, the Expression app will be widely available for personal consoles. Whether or not the hardware lineup includes SONY® is yet to be determined.

Q: Will an SDK be released?
A: All applicable software for Leap Motion, along with a library of related interfaces will be made freely available eventually (per the UUelcome Matte).

C: Explain the name 'Expression 3D'.
A: In terms of UUe, 'Expression' is my arena for propagating intrinsic philosophies. Other bits that have been marketed so far are Apple Dapple, Sovereign Denizen, and the upcoming Fiduciary of Fun simulacra.

Pertaining to this transmedia, dance is like an expression of rhythm, and it was desired to have that reflected in the works. The '3D' portion can refer to the fact that this being made three (3) decades (1984 - 2014) after the Breakin' era. Or, if the film itself is one dimension (1D) and the app is another dimension (2D), that the individual is the third dimension (3D).

Q: Are you truly giving the app away to schools?
A: Absolutely. The more funds we raise, the more copies can be given away at no-cost to classrooms.

Q: Is Expression 3D integrated with Playroll™?
A: Yes. The app portion was designed so that you can perform stew choreography and collect cents (via signatures) in a Euclidean space (3D). All of the functionality available in Playroll should translate over into the app. This means that a genuine copy of the app grants you a genuine copy of the UUelcome License, and so forth. Registered schools get a perpetual license (i.e. monthly subscription fees waived). Individuals still must adhere to Playroll subscription policies.

Notes: While on a school account, gamers cannot earn cents in a fungible manner; scores are kept for edification purposes only. Individuals and supra-school account holders can earn in the traditional sense, but the accounts must remain discrete.

Q: What is the duration of my underwriting credit?
A: An underwriting credit is good for one (1) post only.

Q: Can I get an extension for my underwriting credit?
A: In the scroll, each underwriter is credited with a stamp as a sponsor of that single posting.  Even though there is a possibility of multiple postings taking place elsewhere, you're only receiving credit postage-wise.  If you want a continuance of your credit to carry-over into other posts/episodes, you must purchase those additional sponsorship opportunities.

Q: Do I have permission to use someone else's name or information on my underwriter's stamp?
A: In cases where you have purchased a credit as a gift for another person (like a family member), you are allowed to use their information (name, business, etc.).  It is asked that you first state that in your correspondence.  However, you cannot impersonate another individual or business under any circumstances.

C: Thank you.
A: You're welcome.